Oregon Safety Model

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Frequently Asked Questions

See FAQs about Screening, Child Protective Services, ongoing and substitute care, certification and foster parent issues, visitation and family meetings.

Key Concepts

 Present Danger and Impending Danger PDF icon

 The Difference Between Present Danger and Impending Danger PDF icon

 Protective Action PDF icon

 Conditions for Return PDF icon
- Sample Conditions for Return PDF icon

 Protective Capacity PDF icon

 Protective Capacity Assessment PDF icon

 Confirming Safe Environments PDF icon

 The Ongoing Safety Plan PDF icon


Other Tools


CSM Facilitator Role PDF icon

osm matrix OSM Practice
Comparison Matrix PDF icon

Example case plan PDF icon

Scenario PDF icon

Guideline to Achieving Permanency Guideline to Achieving Permanency PDF icon

Procedure Manual

 View the manual online.