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ERDC Reservation List Deactivation Transmittal

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Program Updates

Effective November 1, 2016 new requirements for License Exempt Non-relative Providers

Details about these changes can be found in transmittal SS-PT-16-025 or in this audio version

Presentation of Eligibility of Child Care Providers Policy Transmittal SS-PT-16-025 - November 1, 2016

License exempt non-relative provider site review checklist

The checklist should be shared with caretakers or providers who will be caring for a child not related to them. Having a copy of the checklist before the review visit will help the provider in preparing for the review visit by the Office of Child Care.

Changes to child care provider screens

The DHS child care provider screens DPPM and DPPL have changed. There are also new screens, DPPT and DPPN, view and see instructions for these screens here

 ERDC Reservation List Requirement Flow Chart PDF icon

 ERDC and CAPI Interview Tool PDF icon

 ERDC Reservation List - Login Instructions and Access PDF icon

 Child Care Reservation List Template PDF icon

 Child Care Program Forms (Click on the link at left and go to the bottom of the page)

 Copay Calculator

 On Target Newsletter

 Quality Assurance's Lead Training HUB

Cheat Sheets

 Transitioning TANF to ERDC Cheat Sheet PDF icon

 Calculating ERDC Hours Cheat Sheet PDF icon

 Child Care Health and Safety and Program Integrity Concerns Reporting ProcessPDF icon and Tip Sheet PDF icon

 Electronic Provider Connection PDF icon

 Child Care Provider Connection Process PDF icon

 Self-Employment Cheat Sheet PDF icon

 QRIS Incentives PDF icon

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Child Support

  • Request for Child Support Case Information
    This is a Division of Child Support (DCS) form to be used by SSP staff when requesting verification of child support for the purposes of administering the ERDC, SNAP, TA-DVS or TANF program.

ERDC program information for Parents and Providers

Exciting tools for parents with young children!

DHS Child Care program is partnering with the Early Learning Division of the Department of Education in promoting Vroom – Brain Building Moments. Vroom is an early learning initiative with tools that help parents with young children in their first five years of life to develop the foundation of learning.

Vroom toolkits will be dispersed to the field offices in the month of August 2016 that will consist of flyers and posters to promote Vroom. The kit will also include tools to give parents which includes a Tip Card Set and stickers to utilize each day to promote learning.


There will be a small supply of items from the Vroom toolkit that you may order through Distribution. Use the DHS 8100 Forms Order Sheet to order additional supplies.


There will be a link on the DHS website for Vroom for parents to access. Parents can download the Daily Vroom app from Vroom’s website. The site also has helpful Science and Facts, Tools and Activities. The tools and activities are available to give parents brain-building tips that will help them in their important role as a parent to support brain development.


Watch a short YouTube video explaining Vroom.


Contact Us – Child Care Policy


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