Employment and Self-Sufficiency Programs

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) and Employment and Self-Sufficiency Services

The JOBS program is Oregon's employment and self-sufficiency program for people on public assistance. Clients participating in employment and self-sufficiency services, receive ongoing screening, assessment and case management, while participating in activities such as life skills, basic education, job readiness or work experience that address barriers to self-sufficiency.

 Jobs Program 

 Support Services

 Vocational Training

JOBS Program

 FLSA Calculator, effective 10/01/2018 (XLSX)

 JOBS Activity Guidelines - 07/01/2018PDF file

 JOBS Status and Exemption Coding

 Marijuana industry and the JOBS ProgramPDF file

 Oregon's Submitted Work Verification Plan - July 2016PDF file

 Transitioning TANF to ERDC cheat sheet 03.2018PDF file

 Voluntary Work Experience SAIF Claims PDF file

Family Assessment Protocol

 Family Assessment ProtocolPDF file

Work Verification Point Emails

 September - Updated JOBS Activity FormsPDF file

 September - Re-engagement ReviewsPDF file

 April - Spring Re-engagement Reviews

 May - Summer Resources and Time Limit Reminders

 June - Working with Participants who have ongoing medical challenges

 August - Updated JOBS Audit Process

 November - Appropriate use of Medical and Rehabilitation steps in TRACS

 December - 2018 Production/TRACS Calendar and Employability Screening tool (DHS7823A)

 January - JOBS Audit Process Change for 2018

 February - Appropriate use of Crisis Intervention (CI) step in TRACS

 March - Educational Activities New

 April - JOBS Audits Branch Responsibility New

 July - JOBS Audits JOBS Exempt D/N New

 August - Updated Re-engagement Checklist and TRACS Re-engagement Narrative New


Archived WVP Emails

Work Verification Plan JOBS Audits

 Work Verification Plan JOBS Audit - FY 2014


JOBS Status and Exemption Coding

PDF available for printing PDF file

Summary of Validated TANF Placement Criteria

PDF available for printing PDF file

JOBS Program Reports


  • JOBS Referral For Services (DHS 7841)
  • JOBS Appointment Notice (DHS 7849)
  • JOBS Supervised Homework Attendance Report (DHS 7862)
  • Education and Training Report (DHS 7861)
  • Educational Packet (DHS 7860) New
  • TRACS Attendance Report (DHS 7865)
  • Job Search Verification (DHS 475)
  • Microenterprise Activity (DHS 7801) New
  • Microenterprise (MI) and TANF (flyer) (DHS 2856) New
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