Employment and Self-Sufficiency Programs

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS) and Employment and Self-Sufficiency Services

The JOBS program is Oregon's employment and self-sufficiency program for people on public assistance. Clients participating in employment and self-sufficiency services, receive ongoing screening, assessment and case management, while participating in activities such as life skills, basic education, job readiness or work experience that address barriers to self-sufficiency.

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JOBS Program

 FLSA Calculator, effective 7/1/17 (XLSX)

 JOBS Activities and Support Services Quick Reference GuidePDF file

 JOBS Activity Guidelines - August 2016PDF file

 JOBS Status and Exemption Coding

 Marijuana industry and the JOBS ProgramPDF file

 Oregon's Submitted Work Verification Plan - July 2016PDF file

 Voluntary Work Experience SAIF Claims PDF file

Participation Tools - Central Office Developed

 JPI ProcessPDF file

 J82 Process PDF file

Family Assessment Protocol

 Family Assessment ProtocolPDF file

Work Verification Point Emails

 April - Spring Re-engagement Reviews

 May - Summer Resources and Time Limit Reminders

 June - Working with Participants who have ongoing medical challenges

 August - Updated JOBS Audit Process

 November - Appropriate use of Medical and Rehabilitation steps in TRACS

 December - 2018 Production/TRACS Calendar and Employability Screening tool (DHS7823A)

 January - JOBS Audit Process Change for 2018

 February - Appropriate use of Crisis Intervention (CI) step in TRACS

 March - Educational Activities New

 April - JOBS Audits Branch Responsibility New

Archived WVP Emails

Participation Tools - Field Developed


Work Verification Plan JOBS Audits

 Work Verification Plan JOBS Audit - FY 2014

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JOBS Status and Exemption Coding

PDF available for printing PDF file

Summary of Validated TANF Placement Criteria

PDF available for printing PDF file

A. There must be an open plan on the day that a placement is recorded.

  • If placement is recorded after plan ends, it does not count.
  • If placement is recorded before plan begins, it does not count.
  • If there has never been a plan, it does not count.

B. Placements must meet one of these six validated (qualifying change) conditions:

  1. There is a reduction in the grant from the prior month. (case was 2,82 CP in prior month and in current month)
  2. Case has gone from 2, 82 CP/VP in prior month to CL or NA in current month
  3. Case has gone from 2, 82 CP/VP in prior month to M5/P2, CP/VP
  4. Case has gone from P2 with ASM NR to P2 without ASM NR
  5. Case has gone from P2 ASM in prior month (open Assessment date on JAS) to M5/P2 not ASM (Assessment has end date) in current month
  6. NEW 4/26/2007: Case has gone from 2,82 VP with a PLS NR to either M5/P2 VP or closes

C. Every placement will be subjected to the above tests in the month in which they're recorded, AND in the following three months. If they do not meet any of the tests during those four monthly trials, they are then placed in a not counted file.

D. Placements are counted in the month they are validated. So, a "January" placement is one that may have been recorded in Oct, Nov, Dec, or Jan, and was validated by one of the above six steps, in January.

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JOBS Program Reports

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  • JOBS Referral For Services (DHS 7841)
  • JOBS Appointment Notice (DHS 7849)
  • JOBS Supervised Homework Attendance Report (DHS 7862)
  • Education and Training Report (DHS 7861)
  • TRACS Attendance Report (DHS 7865)
  • Job Search Verification (DHS 475)
  • Your "microenterprise" and the JOBS Program (DHS 7801)
  • Letter of Documentation of Need to Care for Disabled Family Member (DHS 7785)
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Vocational Training


  • Vocational Training (VT) Application Packet (DHS 7786)
  • Vocational Training Guidelines (DHS 7789D)
  • Budget Information Worksheet (DHS 7788G)
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Disabilities & Limitations


  • Comprehensive Psychiatric or Psychologcial Evlauation (DMAP 729A)
  • Employability Screening Tool (DHS 7823A)
  • Learning Needs Screening (DHS 421)
  • Mental Residual Function Capacity Report (DMAP 729F)
  • Physical Residual Function Capacity Report (DMAP 729E)
  • Rating of Impairment Severity Report (DMAP 729G)
  • SFPSS Program Referral to Disability Analyst (DHS 7813)

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