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JOBS Plus Program Summary


  • JOBS Plus is a subsidized work program administered by the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services.
  • Individuals receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) can be placed with private or public employers and receive a subsidy for wages paid.
  • Employers determine the wage rate and pay the worker directly.
  • JOBS Plus workers receive a paycheck in lieu of public benefits.
  • There is no requirement that the employer hire the worker at the end of the JOBS Plus subsidy.
  • Employers are reimbursed by DHS at the Oregon minimum wage plus employer wage taxes and workers' compensation costs.
  • Employers are reimbursed for a maximum of 26 weeks


  • All Oregon employers are eligible to participate.
  • Employers cannot displace regular workers with JOBS Plus workers or fill vacant positions.
  • Employers must pay the worker at least the Oregon minimum wage, pay all appropriate payroll taxes, and provide workers' compensation.
  • Workers are placed on the employer's regular payroll and are considered temporary employees.
  • Employers must designate a mentor to assist the worker with work place issues.
  • Number of JOBS Plus positions is limited to 10% of the employer's total workforce or one.


  • Workers are not required to work more than 40 hours per week.
  • TANF and Food Stamp benefits are suspended and wages are excluded for workers in the DHS JOBS Plus program.
  • After 4 months, DHS workers can be required to do 8 hours per week of paid job search.
  • DHS workers are provided support services, such as child care assistance.
  • TANF workers retain all child support collected by the State.
  • If appropriate, TANF workers will be provided a wage supplement to make up any difference between TANF/SNAP and wages received.
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Forms Used

(available on the Forms server:
  • JOBS Plus Employer Letter
  • DHS 7819 - JOBS Plus Rights and Responsibilities.
  • To be signed by the JOBS Plus worker prior to the start of the JOBS Plus assignment.

  • DHS 7834 - JOBS Plus Employer Handbook. To be given to JOBS Plus employers. Provides an explanation of the JOBS Plus program.
  • DHS 7836 - JOBS Plus Handbook for Workers. To be given to JOBS Plus participant. Provides an explanation of the JOBS Plus program.
  • DHS 7838 - JOBS Plus for Employers - Coach Says... A JOBS Plus marketing brochure explaining the DHS and Employment Department JOBS Plus program to employers.
  • DHS 7874 - Notice of Entering JOBS Plus. To be given to the client upon entering JOBS Plus agreement. Advises clients of end of TANF and SNAP issuances.
  • DHS 7878 - JOBS Plus Work Site Agreement. Completed and signed by DHS or JOBS Contractor staff and signed by the employer.
    • Original copy to DPU at the address on the Work Site Agreement

    • Copy to the Case Manager - needed to set up the JOBS Plus case

  • DHS 7879 - JOBS Plus Staffing Company Work Site Agreement. To be used when an employer is hiring a JOBS Plus worker through a Staffing Company. Completed and signed by DHS or JOBS Contractor staff and signed by the employer.

  • JOBS Plus Contractor Handbook
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