These brochures and JOBS Information Sheets were developed for statewide branch office use for the Self-Sufficiency JOBS program. These brochures and JOBS Information Sheets will provide DHS clients with consistent Self-Sufficiency Program information and marketing materials.


The DHS brochures and JOBS Information Sheets include JOBS Plus, Job Search, Teen Parent Program, Time Limits and Work Experience.


The DHS brochure, "Helping you be safe, healthy and independent" was revised and renamed.


The SFP brochure, "Get help applying for disability benefits," revised in April, has been turned into a DHS form and is still available.


Click on any link below to view the form.

"Helping you be safe, healthy and independent" (DHS 9896)

"JOBS Plus: Earn while you learn" (DHS 9067)

"Job Search: Find and get the job you want" (DHS 9068)

"Teen Parent Program: Open doors to job and education opportunities" (DHS 9069)

"Work Experience: Build your confidence, skills and work history" (DHS 9070)

"Get help applying for disability benefits" (DHS 9894)

"TANF - Time Limits Information Sheet" (DHS 9942)


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The TANF Recognition Cards were developed by Shangri-La Corporation in partnership with DHS in conjunction with the job skills training programs of Employment Resources Northwest/ERN.