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Outcomes and Data

Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities access a range of employment and community services outside their home during the day/week. Oregon’s goal is that an increasing number of individuals have opportunities to:

  • Work in jobs as part of general work force
  • Earn wages and benefits the same as anyone else
  • Move from segregated to integrated community settings

Oregon takes an “Employment Outcomes Monthly Snapshot” of work and non work settings and outcomes in April and September of each year to see how we are doing. Information is collected, analyzed and published at the agency, county and statewide for use by individuals, families, providers, local and state funders and others in decision making and continuous improvement efforts.


Recent Outcomes

A full picture, Statewide Employment Oregon Outcomes is a summary of outcomes for all Oregon adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and is based on data from the following two collection systems:

Comprehensive Waiver Employment Outcomes System (EOS)
Provider agencies report specific individual information on employment and non work settings, hours, wages and length of employment. This information is initially displayed at state level.


Support Service Waiver Employment Outcomes
Thirteen regional Brokerages (case management agencies) report on the employment interest and settings of the individuals they support. Information is collected for persons aged 21 or older. Information on wages and hours is not collected. This information is displayed at the state level.