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DHS Policy: Oregon Department of Human Services
Administrative Services
Policy Title: E-mail All Universe
Policy Number: DHS-120-001
Effective Date:

Approved By: DHS Chief Administrative Officer
Approved Date: 04/03/2002

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Use Of "All Universe" E-mail Feature


The DHS all-universe group on the e-mail system is intended only for messages of importance, use, relevance or interest to all DHS employees.

No recipient of any all-universe e-mail may respond using the "reply-all" function.

All-universe messages must include the name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of the sender, or of another person who can answer questions or address comments about the message.

OIS will ensure that those authorized to use the all-universe group have the necessary access, and will maintain a list of authorized users.

Any department employee may request the sending of an all-universe message by contacting the appropriate office as listed below.

Authorized Users And Uses
Only the following employees are authorized to use the DHS all universe e-mail group, for the purposes listed or for other purposes that the authorized users deem necessary:

The director, the deputy director, other members of the Cabinet, and staff designated by any of these leaders. For the director's weekly message and other messages from the leadership.

Staff in the Office of Communication, as designated by the communication administrator. For notices of major conferences or other events sponsored by the department, updates on policies, reorganization or other matters, notices about new issues of online Currents, and notices about news developments affecting the department.

Staff in the Office of Human Resources, as designated by the human resources administrator. For recruitment announcements, hardship leave donation requests and brief messages of thanks from the recipients, and information about employee health or safety.

Staff in the Office of Facilities, as designated by the facilities administrator. For messages about telecommunication outages, and facility damage, closure, evacuation or repair.

Staff in the Office of Information Services (OIS), as designated by the Chief Information Officer or other OIS leaders. For virus alerts, and updates about outages, repair or status of information systems.

Staff in Continuous System Improvement (CSI), as designated by the assistant department director for CSI. For announcements about training, organization development and related activities.

Other groups that have been granted access to all-universe as of February 4, 2002, although CSI may at any time change the list of groups or individuals using all-universe to announce training opportunities.

Employees who violate this policy are subject to discipline.

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