Child Welfare

2005 Action Requests (AR)

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Information Memorandums


Transmittal # Date Subject
CW-AR-05-006(pdf) 10/21/2005 CF 598 Authorization and Vendor Invoice
CW-AR-05-005(pdf) 10/04/2005 House Bill 3075 - Educational Transportation
SS-AR-05-014(pdf) 08/10/2005 Change to new contractor “Optimal Phone Interpreters”
CW-AR-05-004(pdf) 06/01/2005 Non-Reasonable Efforts Findings
CW-AR-05-003(pdf) 06/01/2005 Child Safety Decisions at Reunification
CW-AR-05-002(pdf) 04/27/2005 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Training Curriculum and Tracking Plan
CW-AR-05-001(pdf) 04/20/2005 Child Support Individual User Profile (IUP) requirement to be met by June 30, 2005, for all Child Welfare and Self-Sufficiency staff.