Child Welfare

2011 Action Requests (AR)

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Information Memorandums

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW-AR-11-007 (pdf) 11/15/11 Use of Child-Caring Agency Homes for non-BRS placement
CW-AR-11-006 (pdf) 10/03/11 Data Entry Needed for October Federal Report
CW-AR-11-005 (pdf) 10/03/11 Identifying First Respondent Team members to receive Trauma Response Training in November, 2011
CW-AR-11-004 (pdf) 8/15/11 Date Stamp all legal documents – Subpoenas and Summons (i.e., lawsuits, tort claims)
CW-AR-11-003 (pdf) 7/15/11 Adoption Assistance Applications
CW-AR-11-002 (pdf) 7/01/11 Relative Foster Care in DD Foster Care
CW-AR-11-001 (pdf) 2/15/11 Documentation, Policy and Practice Clarification

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