Child Welfare

2016 Action Requests (AR)

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Information Memorandums

Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW_AR_16_009 (pdf)
(updated 02/15/17)
12/30/16 12/30/16

CF304 Forms Changes

CW_AR_16_008 (pdf) 09/01/16 09/01/16 Foster Parent Support Line
CW_AR_16_007 (pdf) 08/29/16 08/29/16 Karly's Law Training
CW_AR_16_006 (pdf) 07/25/16 07/25/16 OR-Kids Access Protections
CW_AR_16_005 (pdf) 06/16/16 06/16/16 Required Certification/Licensing Information
CW_AR_16_004 (pdf) 06/15/16 06/15/16 Car Seat Use
CW_AR_16_003 (pdf) 05/02/16 05/31/16 Certification Safety and Well-Being Review Committee Protocol

CW_AR_16_002 (pdf)

(updated 05/12/16)

01/15/16 01/15/16 Training substitute caregivers about the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard and efforts to increase normalcy for children and young adults in substitute care
CW_AR_16_001 (pdf) 12/31/15 1/04/16 Random Moment Survey Changes

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