Child Welfare

2017 Action Requests (AR)

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Information Memorandums

Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW-AR-17-011 (pdf) 12/08/17 12/08/17 Children In Need of Placement Statewide Supervision Protocol
CW-AR-17-010 (pdf) 11/30/2017 11/30/2017 Survey Child Welfare Workers Receiving Mobile Technology
CW-AR-17-009 (pdf) 09/28/2017 09/28/2017 CJIS Background Check
CW-AR-17-008 (pdf) 09/20/2017 09/20/2017 Expectations and Standards for Electronic Devices for Child Welfare
CW-AR-17-007 (pdf) 08/30/2017 08/30/2017 Mandatory Materials for Children and Youth in DHS Care  
CW-AR-17-006 (pdf) 07/31/2017 07/31/2017 Child Welfare Inter-County Case Responsibilities, Requirements and Oversight Procedure
CW-AR-17-005 (pdf) 06/02/2017 06/02/2017 Clean-up contact information in OR-Kids by June 9, 2017
CW-AR-17-004 (pdf) 06/02/2017 06/02/2017 Desk phone removal instructions for those receiving smartphones
CW-AR-17-003 (pdf) 05/16/2017 05/16/2017 Provider Entry - New Process for Child Welfare DD Placements
CW-AR-17-002 (pdf) 05/12/2017 05/12/2017 Guidelines for Child Welfare Workers Receiving Smartphones
CW-AR-17-001 (pdf) 02/14/2017 03/01/2017 Mandatory Training on the Update to OR-Kids Provider Page

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