Child Welfare

2022 Action Requests (AR)

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Information Memorandums

Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW-AR-22-003 (pdf)


 04/26/2022 A CPS Founded Disposition Notice and Review functionality is being developed for OR-Kids. Additionally, these changes will help facilitate better organization of the founded disposition and review documentation for review coordinators, legal reviews, inquiries, and tracking purposes. Please review the transmittal for more information regarding the update!  
CW-AR-22-002 (pdf)


 02/01/2022 Trust Expenditure Form is now on ODHS Form Server! Please review the transmittal for more information.  
CW-AR-22-001 (pdf)


 01/05/2022  The Child Welfare Oregon Vital Records process has been updated. Please review the transmittal and attachment in the transmittal for more information.  Note: Chrome/Edge Users may need to download/save the transmittal to view the attachments.

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