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Child Welfare Policies, Rules, and Protocols

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Protocols:    CIRT Protocol    Fatality Protocol

Client Rights

Division 10

  • Definitions
  • Confidentiality of Client Information
  • Rights of Children and Young Adults
  • Protecting Rights of Children; Interrogations, Interviews, Polygraphs
  • Rights of Relatives
  • Complaint Review
  • Contested Case Hearings
  • Notice and Review of CPS Founded Dispositions
  • Division 10 prior versions
I-A.1   Client Rights 12/1/07 Prior Versions
I-A.3.1   Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality 1/2/96  
I-A.4.3   Identifying Legally Recognized Parental Relationships 10/1/99  
Child Protective Services

Division 15

  • Introduction to CPS Rules Temporary
  • Screening Temporary
  • Cross Reporting
  • CPS Assessment Temporary
  • Day Care Facility Investigation
  • The CPS Assessment Dispositions
  • Access to Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) in Local Child Welfare Offices
  • Assessment of an Individual as a Safety Service Provider
  • Differential Response
  • Division 15 prior versions
Case Management
Division 20
  • Voluntary Placement Agreement
  • Voluntary Custody Agreement
  • Guardian and Legal Custodian Consents
  • CANS Screening and Enhanced Supervision
  • Investigation of Suspected Medical Neglect
  • Division 20 prior versions
Division 30
Division 40
  • Developing and Managing the Case Plan
  • Substitute Care Placement Reviews
  • Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
  • HIV Testing of Children in Department Custody and HIV Confidentiality
  • Division 40 prior versions
Division 80
  • Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety
  • Definitions Temporary
  • Addressing a Present Danger Safety Threat or New Impending Danger Safety Threat on an Open Case
  • When a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care is Missing Temporary
  • Monthly Face-to-Face Contact Requirements Temporary
  • Monitoring an In-home Ongoing Safety Plan
  • Monitoring the Out-of-Home Ongoing Safety Plan
  • Contact Requirements and Exceptions; Required Face-to-Face
  • Contact
  • Division 80 prior versions
I-B.1.1   Authority for Providing Service 1/2/96  
I-B.1.2   Responding to Subpoenas, Summons and Court Orders 1/2/96  
I-B.3.2.3   Target Planning and Consultation Committee 1/7/03  
I-B.3.3   Sharing and Transfer of Case Responsibility 1/2/96  
I-B.3.4.3   Children Placed Out-of-County 1/2/96  
I-B.4.1   High Risk Case Review 9/12/96  
I-B.5   Placement Procedures for AIDS and HIV-Infected Clients 1/7/03  
Supportive Services
I-C.4.1   Medical Services Provided Through the Oregon Health Plan 1/7/03  
413-050-0400 thru 0450 Special Medical Services Provided by Child Welfare 1/9/03 Prior Versions
  Procedures for Authorization of Medical Expenses 1/7/03  
413-050-0500 thru 0585 Domestic Violence Fund 1/1/05 Prior Versions
I-C.7   Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) (Emergency Assistance Services) 4/1/06  
I-C.8 413-050-0600 thru 0670

Targeted Case Management

2/22/00 Prior Versions

413-055-0100 thru 0165

Sexual Assault Victims Fund

8/1/05 Prior Versions
D.  Counseling/Treatment Services
I-D.2   Protective Services and Court-Ordered Supervision 1/2/96  
I-D.3 413-060-0000 thru 0030 Family Planning Services 1/2/96  
I-D.6.2 413-060-0400 thru 0440 Juvenile Sexual Offender Assessment and Treatment 12/29/95  
E.  Substitute Care
Division 70
  • Multiethnic Placements
  • Search for and Engagement of Relatives
  • Placement of Indian Children
  • Placement of Refugee Children
  • Psychotropic Medication Management
  • Legal Permanency, Concurrent Planning, and Use of Permanency Committee
  • Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
  • Placement Matching
  • Guardianship as a Permanency Plan
  • Visits and Other Types of Child and Family Contact
  • Guardianship Assistance
  • Division 70 prior versions

Division 90

  • Foster Care Payments for a Child or Young Adult Living with a Certified Family or Living Independently
  • Behavior Rehabilitation Services Program Temporary
  • Personal Care Services
  • Payments for Special and/or Extraordinary Needs
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses
  • Payments for Providing Direct Client Legal Services
  • Exhibit 1 – BRS Rate Table Temporary
  • Exhibit 1 – Personal Care Services – Levels of Personal Care
  • Division 90 prior versions

Division 100

  • Title IV-E Foster Care, Adoption Assistance, and Guardianship Assistance Eligibility
  • Child Welfare Children's Medical Eligibility
  • Child Support Referrals
  • Educational Services for a Child in Substitute Care
  • Division 100 prior versions
I-E.5.1.1   Payment Procedures 7/1/09  
    OHA Behavior Rehabilitation Services Program
  Flex Fund 1/1/02  
Pre-Adoption Services

Division 110

  • Legal Risk Placements
  • Sibling Adoption Placement Planning Temporary
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Consulting with Parents Considering Adoption
  • Determining the Appropriateness of Adoption as a Permanency Plan for a Child
  • Division 110 prior versions
I-F.3   Initiating Adoption Planning 10/01/03  
I-F.3.2   Legal Assistance Program 7/1/01  

Division 120

  • Adoption Placement Selection
  • Legalizing the Adoption if Petition Not Required
  • Adoption Applications, Adoption Home Studies, and Standards for Adoption
  • Criminal Records Check Requirements for Relative Caregivers, Foster Parents, Adoptive Resources, and Other Persons in the Household
  • Openness and Post Adoption Communication through Legal Assistance Mediation Services
  • Identification and Consideration of Potential Adoptive Resources
  • Services and Support of an Adoptive Placement
  • Intercountry Adoption Pursuant to the Hague Convention and Intercountry Adoption Act
  • Division 120 prior versions

Division 130

I-G.1.8   Adoption and IIS 9/17/96  
  Designation of Placement for the Purpose of Adoption 2/26/07  
I-G.4 413-140-0000 thru 0120 Independent Adoption Services 1/01/14 Prior Versions
I.  Documentation Requirements
  Narrative Recording 12/29/09  
I-I.3   Court Reports 1/2/96  


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Policy # Administrative Rule # Title Effective Date Prior Versions
B. Foster Home Certification

Division 200

  • Responsibilities for Certification and Supervision of Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources
  • Standards for Certification of Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources
  • Department Responsibilities During Screening and Assessment of a Child Abuse or Neglect Report Involving the Home of a Department Certified Foster Parent or Relative Caregiver
  • Division 200 prior versions
C. Private Child Caring Agencies
II-C.1 413-215-0001 thru 0131 Licensing Umbrella Rules 10/17/08  
II-C.1.1 413-215-0201 thru 0276 Licensing Academic Boarding Schools 10/17/08  
II-C.1.2 413-215-0301 thru 0396 Licensing Foster Care Agencies 10/01/15  
II-C.1.3 413-215-0401 thru 0481 Licensing Adoption Agencies 10/17/08  
II-C.1.4 413-215-0501 thru 0586 Licensing Residential Care Agencies 10/01/15  
II-C.1.5 413-215-0601 thru 0681 Licensing Therapeutic Boarding Schools 10/17/08  
II-C.1.6 413-215-0701 thru 0766 Licensing Homeless, Runaway, and Transitional Living Shelters 10/17/08  
II-C.1.7 413-215-0801 thru 0856 Licensing Day Treatment Agencies 10/17/08  
II-C.1.8 413-215-0901 thru 1031 Licensing Outdoor Youth Programs 2/01/14 Prior Versions

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Policy # Administrative Rule # Title Effective Date Prior Versions
 A.  General Administration
III-A.1.2   Reporting Sensitive Child Welfare Issues 1/01/02  
III-A.2.2   Tort and Foster Parent Liability 7/01/01  
III-A.5   Attorney General Advice and Opinions 1/02/96  
III-A.11 413-001-0000 Model Rules for Rulemaking 6/01/06 Prior Versions
III-A.11.1   Development of Rules, Policies, and Procedures 9/01/10 Prior Versions
III-A.11.1   Internal Process Protocol    
B. Financial Management
III-B.3.1 413-310-0200 thru 0240 Erroneous Payments Based on Error or Fraud 9/06/00 Prior Versions
III-B.3.2 413-310-0300 thru 0360 Uncollectible Accounts Receivable 12/29/95  
III-B.3.3 413-310-0350 thru 0360 Recovery of Overpayments 12/14/00  
III-B.5 413-310-0400 thru 0510 Trust Accounts 1/02/96  
D. Contract Management
413-330-0900 thru 1010 Short Form Contracts


Prior Versions
E. Personnel Management
III-E.4.8.12   Review of Founded CPS Disposition for CAF Employees 4/12/01  
III-E.5.1.1   Mandatory Child Welfare Staff Training Program 1/06/03  
F. Information Management

Division 413-350

  • Expunction of Records
III-F.1.1   Requesting Information Management Services 1/02/96  
III-F.2.1   Uniform Case Filing System 1/02/96  
III-F.2.3   Records Retention and Destruction 12/05/12  
III-F.2.5   Dissemination of Client-Related Information 1/02/96  

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