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OAR 413-005
  Child Welfare COVID-19 and Emergency Response 0050
 Client Rights
OAR 413-010
  Definitions 0000
Confidentiality of Client Information 0010 to 0075
Rights of Children and Young Adults 0170 to 0185
Protecting Rights of Children; Interrogations, Interviews, Polygraphs 0200 to 0240
Rights of Relatives 0300 to 0340
Complaint Review 0400 to 0480
Contested Case Hearings 0500 to 0535
Notice and Review of CPS Founded Dispositions 0700 to 0750
  OAR 413-010 prior versions  
  Client Rights I-A.1
Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality I-A.3.1
Identifying Legally Recognized Parental Relationships I-A.4.3
Policies prior versions  
Child Protective Services
OAR 413-015
  Introduction to CPS Rules 0100 to 0125
Screening 0200 to 0230
Cross Reporting 0300 to 0310
CPS Assessment 0400 to 0485
Child Welfare Responsibilities When a Report Involves a Home Certified by Child Welfare, ODDS, or OYA 0601 to 0608
Third Party CPS Assessments 0801 to 0885
The CPS Assessment Dispositions 1005 to 1015
Access to Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS) in Local Child Welfare Offices 1100 to 1125
Assessment of an Individual as a Safety Service Provider 1200 to 1230
OAR 413-015 prior versions  
  Fatality Protocol
Critical Incident Review Team And Discretionary Reviews
OAR 413-017
  Critical Incident Review Team And Discretionary Reviews 0045 to 0095
  OAR 413-017 prior versions  
Case Management
OAR 413-020 - General
  Voluntary Custody Agreement 0005 to 0050
Voluntary Placement Agreement 0060 to 0090
Guardian and Legal Custodian Consents 0100 to 0170
CANS Screening and Enhanced Supervision 0200 to 0255
Investigation of Suspected Medical Neglect 0600 to 0650
Division 20 prior versions
OAR 413-030 - Program Eligibility
  Family Support Services 0003 to 0030
Substitute Care Eligibility 0200 to 0220
Youth Transitions 0400 to 0460
Division 30 prior versions  
OAR 413-040 - Service Plans
  Developing and Managing the Case Plan 0005 to 0032
Substitute Care Placement Reviews 0100 to 0170
Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children 0200 to 0330
HIV Testing of Children in Department Custody and HIV Confidentiality 0400 to 0450
Division 40 prior versions  
OAR 413-080 - Types of Services
  Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety 0040 to 0067
Division 80 prior versions  
  Authority for Providing Service I-B.1.1
Responding to Subpoenas, Summons and Court Orders I-B.1.2
Target Planning and Consultation Committee I-B.3.2.3
Sharing and Transfer of Case Responsibility I-B.3.3
Children Placed Out-of-County I-B.3.4.3
High Risk Case Review I-B.4.1
Placement Procedures for AIDS and HIV-Infected Clients I-B.5
Supportive Services
OAR 413-050 - General
  Special Medical Services Provided by Child Welfare 0400 to 0450
Domestic Violence Fund 0500 to 0585
Targeted Case Management 0600 to 0670
OAR 413-050 prior versions  
OAR 413-053 - Strengthening, Preserving and Reunifying Families Program (SPRF) and Flexible Funds
  Eligibility Criteria 0020
Flexible Funds for SPRF 0070
OAR 413-053 prior versions  
OAR 413-055 - Sexual Assault Victims Fund
  Sexual Assault Victims Fund 0100 to 0165
OAR 413-055 prior versions  
  Medical Services Provided Through the Oregon Health Plan I-C.4.1
Procedures for Authorization of Medical Expenses I-C.4.2.1
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) (Emergency Assistance Services) I-C.7
Counseling/Treatment Services
OAR 413-060
  Family Planning Services 0000 to 0030
Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment 0400 to 0440
413-060 prior versions  


  Protective Services and Court-Ordered Supervision I-D.2

Substitute Care

OAR 413-070 - General
  Multiethnic Placements 0010 to 0030
Search for and Engagement of Relatives 0060 to 0087
Placement of Refugee Children 0300 to 0380
Psychotropic Medication Management 0400 to 0490
Legal Permanency, Concurrent Planning, and Use of Permanency Committee 0500 to 0519
Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement 0520 to 0565
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status 0570 to 0574
Placement Matching 0600 to 0645
Guardianship as a Permanency Plan 0655 to 0670
Visits and Other Types of Child and Family Contact 0800 to 0880
Guardianship Assistance 0900 to 0974
Placement with a Fit and Willing Relative 0990 to 1060
Requirements for Placing a Child or Young Adult in a Congregate Care Residential Setting 1070 to 1090
413-070 prior versions
OAR 413-090 - Payments
  Foster Care Payments for a Child or Young Adult Living with a Certified Family or Living Independently 0005 to 0051
Personal Care Services 0085 to 0210
Payments for Special and/or Extraordinary Needs 0300 to 0380
Funeral and Burial Expenses 0400
413-090 prior versions
OAR 413-095 - Behavior Rehabilitation Services
  Behavior Rehabilitation Services Program 0000 to 0080
413-095 prior versions
OAR 413-100 - Funding Eligibility
  Title IV-E Foster Care, Adoption Assistance, and Guardianship Assistance Eligibility 0000 to 0345
Child Welfare Children's Medical Eligibility 0400 to 0530
Child Support Referrals 0800 to 0830
413-100 prior versions
  Payment Procedures I-E.5.1.1

Educational Services for a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care

OAR 413-105 - Educational Services for a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care
  Educational Services for a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care 0000 to 0090
  OAR 413-105 prior versions  


OAR 413-110 - Pre-Adoption Services
  Legal Risk Placements 0010 to 0060
Sibling Adoption Placement Planning 0100 to 0150
Termination of Parental Rights 0200 to 0252
Determining the Appropriateness of Adoption as a Permanency Plan 0300 to 0360
413-110 prior versions
OAR 413-120 - Adoption
  Adoption Placement Selection 0010 to 0060
Legalizing the Adoption 0100 to 0115
Legalizing the Adoption if Petition Not Required 0142 to 0175
Adoption Applications, Adoption Home Studies, and Standards for Adoption 0190 to 0246
Criminal Records Check Requirements for Relative Resource Parents, Resource Parents, Adoptive Resources, and Other Persons in the Household 0400 to 0475
Openness and Post Adoption Communication through Legal Assistance Mediation Services 0600 to 0635
Identification and Consideration of Potential Adoptive Resources 0700 to 0760
Supervision and Support of an Adoptive Placement 0800 to 0880
Intercountry Adoption Pursuant to the Hague Convention and Intercountry Adoption Act 0900 to 0970
Division 120 prior versions
OAR 413-130 - Post-Adoption
  Adoption Assistance 0010 to 0130
Adoption Search and Registry 0300 to 0365
Division 130 prior versions  
OAR 413-140 - Independent Adoption Services
  Independent Adoption Services 0000 to 0110
OAR 413-140 prior versions
  Initiating Adoption Planning I-F.3
  Legal Assistance Program I-F.3.2
  Adoption and IIS I-G.1.8
  Designation of Placement for the Purpose of Adoption I-G.1.9
Application of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Oregon Indian Child Welfare (ORICWA)
OAR 413-115 - Application of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Oregon Indian Child Welfare (ORICWA)and Oregon Indian Child Welfare (ORICWA)
  Application of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Oregon Indian Child Welfare (ORICWA) 0000 to 0150
  OAR 413-115 prior versions  
Documentation Requirements
  Narrative Recording I-I.2
Court Reports I-I.3
Foster Home Certification


  Responsibilities for Certification and Supervision of Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources 0270 to 0298
Standards for Certification of Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources 0301 to 0396
413-200 Spanish Translation
413-200 prior versions
Respite Care Provider Certification


  Respite Care Provider Certification 0000 to 0085

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 General Administration
OAR 413-001
  Model Rules for Rulemaking 0000
413-001 prior versions
OAR 413-002
  Minimum Qualifications 0000
  413-002 prior versions
  Tort and Foster Parent Liability III-A.2.2
Attorney General Advice and Opinions III-A.5
Development of Rules, Policies, and Procedures III-A.11.1
Internal Process Protocol III-A.11.1
Policies prior versions
Financial Management
OAR 413-310
  Erroneous Payments Based on Error or Fraud 0200 to 0240
Uncollectible Accounts Receivable 0300 to 0320
  Recovery of Overpayments 0350 to 0360
Trust Accounts 0400 to 0510
413-310 prior versions
Contract Management
OAR 413-330
  Short Form Contracts 0900 to 1010
FOCUS Short Form Contracts 1100 to 1150
413-330 prior versions
Personnel Management
Information Management
  OAR 413-350 "Expunction of Records" was repealed - November 01, 2021
  Requesting Information Management Services III-F.1.1
Uniform Case Filing System III-F.2.1
  Records Retention and Destruction III-F.2.3
  Dissemination of Client-Related Information III-F.2.5

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