Child Welfare

2007 Information Memoranda (IM) Transmittals

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Action Requests

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW-IM-07-018 (pdf) 11/26/07 Requests from other states for Child Abuse and Neglect background checks
CW-IM-07-017 (pdf) 7/21/07 Pending Rules Changes Regarding Child Welfare Complaint Process
CW-IM-07-016 (pdf) 7/16/07 Effective Legislation
CW-IM-07-015 (pdf) 7/13/07 Public Comment Process for Repeal of Child Welfare rules
CW-IM-07-014 (pdf) 6/30/07 Format for the Letter of Intent to Deny and Letter of Intent to Revoke a Certificate of Approval
CW-IM-07-013 (pdf) 6/15/07 Issuing Provisional and Biennial Certificates of Approval
CW-IM-07-012 (pdf) 6/05/07 Removal of rule regarding storage and transportation of firearms in certified homes
CW-IM-07-011 (pdf) 5/25/07 Changes to Foster Home Certification and Title IV-E Eligibility
CW-IM-07-010 (pdf) 6/05/07 Out of state requests for Child Abuse and Neglect History
CW-IM-07-009 (pdf) 5/15/07 Monitoring Child Safety in Residential Care
CW-IM-07-008 (pdf) 4/11/07 Rules to Become Effective May 1, 2007
CW-IM-07-007 (pdf) 3/16/07 Transition to Revised Certification Standards
CW-IM-07-006 (pdf) 3/16/07 Transition to new Case Plan and Other Forms
CW-IM-07-005 (pdf) 3/01/07 Chafee Independent Living Program eligibility and services matrix
CW-IM-07-004 (pdf) 2/16/07 ORS 107.108 - Child Attending School
CW-IM-07-002 (pdf) 2/02/07 Protecting information in FACIS and IIS so that it is not accessible to those who have not been granted access to cases identified as sensitive.