Child Welfare

2008 Information Memoranda (IM) Transmittals

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Action Requests

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW-IM-08-023 (pdf) 12/05/08 New Services to track the physical address of children in Residential Placements
CW-IM-08-022 (pdf) 11/20/08 Medical Benefits
CW-IM-08-021 (pdf) 11/05/08 Consular Notification - Vienna Convention
CW-IM-08-020 (pdf) 10/15/08 Final Changes to Relative Search Information Packet
CW-IM-08-019 (pdf) 10/01/08 Documentation and Case Note Entry
CW-IM-08-018 (pdf) 09/17/08 Disclosure of Information on the Child to Adoptive Parents
CW-IM-08-017 (pdf) 09/11/08 New fingerprinting requirements
CW-IM-08-016 (pdf) 08/11/08 Safety Service Providers
CW-IM-08-015 (pdf) 08/11/08 Emergency Preparedness Information for Certified Foster Families
CW-IM-08-014 (pdf) 06/16/08 Child Abuse Checks for foster/adoptive families
CW-IM-08-013 (pdf) 06/09/08 IIS Code Data Entry Changes
CW-IM-08-012 (pdf) 05/30/08 Transition Plan and ILP Referral Forms
CW-IM-08-011 (pdf) 05/08/08 Data Entry-Legal Service Codes
CW-IM-08-010 (pdf) 05/09/08 Using Case Review and Legal Tracking Systems
CW-IM-08-009 (pdf) 04/10/08 Safety Plans and Protective Actions
CW-IM-08-008 (pdf) 04/10/08 Consultation with children and youth in developing permanency plans
CW-IM-08-007 (pdf) 04/10/08 Oregon Foster Parent's use of Oregon State Parks
CW-IM-08-006 (pdf) 02/24/08 FACIS problems documenting Safety Plans
CW-IM-08-005 (pdf) 02/20/08 FACIS functionality changes subsequent to SB 414
CW-IM-08-004 (pdf) 02/12/08 Procedure for placing a child in the legal care of custody of DHS-CAF in a home in which an adult with Developmental Disabilities lives
CW-IM-08-003 (pdf) 02/22/08 Use of Case Plan Forms, Update and What to Use when a Child has been placed in a Designated adoptive home
CW-IM-08-002 (pdf) 02/12/08 Inter-Division Placement Agreement between Children, Adults and Families Division and Seniors, and People with Disabilities Division
CW-IM-08-001 (pdf) 01/23/08 Screening Activities