Child Welfare

2010 Information Memoranda (IM) Transmittals

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Action Requests

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW_IM_10_023 (pdf) 11/15/10 Child Fatality Protocol Revision
CW_IM_10_022 (pdf) 11/15/10 New contracted services regarding permanency placements and planning
CW_IM_10_021 (pdf) 11/15/10 Voluntary Placement of Newborns with Private Adoption Agencies
CW_IM_10_020 (pdf) 10/22/10 Referrals for In-Home Safety and Reunification Services (ISRS)
CW_IM_10_019 (pdf) 10/01/10 Changes to FACIS/IIS Service Codes
CW_IM_10_018 (pdf) 09/15/10 Teen Sex Abuse Guidelines and Threat of Harm Dispositional Guidelines
CW_IM_10_017 (pdf) 09/15/10 New Federal Requirement regarding Transition Planning
CW_IM_10_016 (pdf) 07/15/10  Adoption Rule Changes Procedure and Forms
CW_IM_10_015 (pdf) 07/15/10  Adoption Assistance
CW_IM_10_014 (pdf) 07/15/10 Guardianship Assistance
CW_IM_10_013 (pdf) 07/15/10 Sending and Maintaining copies of 312/313 notices in the case record
CW_IM_10_012 (pdf) 05/14/10 IV-E Eligibility and AFDC De-link at Redetermination
CW_IM_10_011 (pdf) 04/15/10 Implementation of Relative Rules
CW_IM_10_010 (pdf) 04/15/10 Benchmark Review
CW_IM_10_009 (pdf) 03/15/10 Criminal Background Checks for Foster and Adoptive Families
CW_IM_10_008 (pdf) 02/12/10 Procedure Manual Revisions
CW_IM_10_007 (pdf) 02/12/10 Mailing Letters to Relatives
CW_IM_10_006 (pdf) 02/12/10 Guardianship Assistance
CW_IM_10_005 (pdf) 02/12/10 New CF85 Form to be used when making a referral for Behavior Rehabilitation Services
CW_IM_10_004 (pdf) 01/15/10 Tracking Procedure for Developmental Disabled Children in Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) homes.
CW_IM_10_003 (pdf) 01/15/10 Clarification on Adoption by Current Caregivers
CW_IM_10_002 (pdf) 01/15/10 Personal Care Services Referrals
CW_IM_10_001 (pdf) 01/15/10 Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers and Adoptive Parents of Oregon