Child Welfare

2012 Information Memoranda (IM) Transmittals

Current Child Welfare Policy Transmittals and Action Requests

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW_IM_12_015 (pdf) 12/21/12 Dual Enrollment
CW_IM_12_014 (pdf) 12/17/12 Provider Payment Post Case Closure (Administrative Re-Open)
CW_IM_12_013 (pdf) 11/15/12 Entering into OR-Kids the Placement of children and young adults who are placed in Developmental Disabilities foster homes, group homes, or other types of DD facilities. This transmittal has been obsoleted. For new information click here.
CW_IM_12_012 (pdf) 9/14/12 Face to Face Contact Report
CW_IM_12_011 (pdf) 9/14/12 Personal Care Services; Psychotropic Medication Review
CW_IM_12_010 (pdf) 9/14/12 Updates to the Procedure Manual
CW_IM_12_009 (pdf) 7/20/12 Upcoming Child Welfare webinars for those who work directly with clients transitioning into CCOs
CW_IM_12_008 (pdf) 6/15/12 Criminal history check documentation
CW_IM_12_007 (pdf) 6/15/12 Adoption Recruitment
CW_IM_12_006 (pdf) 4/16/12 New DHS Websites for Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and for Independent Living Program Services.
CW_IM_12_005 (pdf) 4/16/12 Current adoption selection process forms and related Permanency Committee Form, plus links to forms Directory
CW_IM_12_004 (pdf) 4/16/12 Revised child welfare training requirements for Social Service Specialists (all child welfare caseworkers)
CW_IM_12_003 (pdf) 3/02/12 Adoption Assistance
CW_IM_12_002 (pdf) 3/02/12 Guardianship Assistance
CW_IM_12_001 (pdf) 2/15/12 Interpretation and Translation Services

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