Child Welfare

2021 Transmittals

Transmittal #
Issue Date Due Date Subject

CW-IM-21-002 (pdf)

12/02/2021 12/02/2021 Please review the transmittal for updated contact information for the Child Welfare Children’s Benefit Unit (CBU) and the Trust Expenditure Form. Note: Chrome/Edge Users may need to download/save the transmittal to view the attachments.

CW-IM-21-001 (pdf)

11/03/2021 1/03/2021 Stalking Protective Orders: Reminder from Informational Transmittal CW-IM-17-008. Due to the nature of our work, Child Welfare staff are sometimes subject to client contact that may constitute a threat to the worker. In response to this, Department leadership worked with the legislature to produce House Bill 3391, which resides in Chapter 653 of Oregon Laws 2015. Please review the transmittal from more information!


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