Child Welfare

2015 Policy Transmittals (PT)

Categories: Draft Administrative Rule | Temporary Adminstrative Rules

Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW_PT_15_009 (pdf) 12/01/15 12/01/15 Former Foster Care Youth Medical (FFCYM) Program transfers from Branch 5508 (Children’s Medical Unit) to OHP Customer Service
CW_PT_15_008 (pdf) 10/01/15 10/01/15 Implementation of HR 4980
CW_PT_15_007 (pdf) 9/01/15 9/01/15 Equal Consideration for Relatives and Current Caretakers as Prospective Adoptive Parents (SB 741)
CW_PT_15_006 (pdf) 5/29/15 5/29/15 Relative and Sibling Definitions
CW_PT_15_005 (pdf) 3/13/15 3/13/15 Temporary Rule Revisions Regarding Successor Legal Guardian
CW_PT_15_004 (pdf) 2/23/15 2/23/15 Personal Care Services
CW_PT_15_003 (pdf) 1/22/15 1/22/15 Search for and Engagement of Relatives
CW_PT_15_002 (pdf) 1/15/15 1/15/15 Personal Care Services
CW_PT_15_001 (pdf) 1/15/15 1/15/15 Psychotropic Medication Mangement

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