Child Welfare

2016 Policy Transmittals (PT)

Categories: Draft Administrative Rule | Temporary Adminstrative Rules

Transmittal # Issue Date Effective Date Subject

CW_PT_16_006 (pdf)

11/02/16 11/02/16 Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety

CW_PT_16_005 (pdf)

10/04/16 10/04/16 Additional requirement to assign for CPS assessment

CW_PT_16_004 (pdf)

(Updated 9/29/16)

8/29/16 8/29/16 Sex Trafficking/HR4980 Federal Legislation
CW_PT_16_003 (pdf) 8/09/16 8/09/16 Guardianship as a Permanency Plan rule change
CW_PT_16_002 (pdf) 6/30/16 6/30/16 Senate Bill 1515 Implementation
CW_PT_16_001 (pdf) 1/30/16 2/01/16 Funeral and Burial Expenses

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