Child Welfare

2009 Transmittals

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW_IM_09_030 (pdf) 12/15/09 Instructions for requesting payment for driver's education course for teens in substitute care.
CW_IM_09_029 (pdf) 12/15/09 Relative Search Letters
CW_PT_09_011 (pdf) 12/15/09 CPS Assessment, I-AB.4
CW_IM_09_028 (pdf) 11/13/09 Procedure Manual (Youth Transitions, Chpt. 4, Sect. 29) and form updates
CW_IM_09_027 (pdf) 11/13/09
Changes to CF312 and CF313 notice of CPS assessment disposition letters
CW_PT_09_010 (pdf) 11/03/09

Foster Care
I-B.2.3.5, Youth Transitions
I-A.4.1, Rights of a Child
I-E.3.6.1, Permanent Foster/Kinship Care
I-E.3.6.3, Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement

CW-AR-09-004 (pdf) 10/15/09 New IIS Codes
CW_IM_09_026 (pdf) 10/15/09
Department Certified Families Providing Child Care
CW_IM_09_025 (pdf) 10/15/09
H1N1 Vaccination for children in DHS Custody
CW_IM_09_024 (pdf) 10/15/09
Recruitment Bulletin CF425
CW_IM_09_023 (pdf) 10/15/09
Changes in the Adoption and Guardianship Program as a result of Rate Redesign
CW_PT_09_009 (pdf) 10/15/09

I-A.5.2 Contested Case Hearings Drafts
I-A.5.2.1 Contested Case Hearings Policy Drafts
I-B.1 Monitoring Child Safety Drafts
I-B.1.6 Enhanged Supervision Drafts
I-B.3.1 Developing and Monitoring the Case Plan Drafts
I-E.3.1 Placement Matching Drafts
I-E.4.1 Shelter Care Drafts
I-E.5.1 Payment for Family Foster Care, Base Rate, Shelter Care, Enhanced Shelter Care, Level of Care, Chafee Housing, and Independent Living Housing Subsidy Drafts
I-E.5.1.1 Payment Procedures Drafts
I-E.5.1.2 Personal Care Services Drafts
I-G.3.1 Adoption Assistance Drafts

CW_IM_09_022 (pdf) 09/15/09
Transnational Adoptions
CW_IM_09_021 (pdf) 09/15/09
Guardianship Assistance Program
CW_PT_09_008 (pdf) 09/15/09

I-E.5.1 Payment for Family Foster Care, Level of Care, Chafee Housing and Indpendent Living Housing Subsidy, Temporary
I-E.5.1.2 Personal Care Services, Temporary
I-B.1.6 Enhanced Supervision, Temporary

CW_PT_09_007 (pdf) 09/15/09

I-B.2.3.5 Youth Transitions
I-A.4.1 Rights of a Child
I-E.3.6.1 Permanent Foster/Kinship Care
I-E.3.6.3 Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement Drafts

CW_PT_09_006 (pdf) 09/15/09

I-AB.4, CPS Assessment Dispositions Drafts

CW_IM_09_020 (pdf) 09/14/09
Flu Communication
CW-AR-09-003 (pdf) 09/03/09 MMIS Security Roles
CW_PT_09_005 (pdf) 09/01/09

I-E.5.1, Payment for Family Foster Care, Enhanced Supervision, Chafee Housing, Independent Living Housing Subsidy, and Residential Treatment, Temporary

I-B.2.3.5 Independent Living Programs, Temporary
CW_IM_09_019 (pdf) 08/17/09
Release of the CF 307 Assessment to Parents
CW_IM_09_018 (pdf) 08/15/09
Adoption Recruitment Bulletin
CW_IM_09_017 (pdf) 08/15/09
Notification to the field of Adoption Assistance openings and finalizations
CW_IM_09_016 (pdf) 08/15/09
Presentation of out of state families at adoption selection committee
CW_IM_09_015 (pdf) 07/15/09
Modifications to FACIS in screening and assessment
CW_IM_09_014 (pdf) 07/15/09
Homestudy timelines for Adoption, Current Caregiver,  Guardianship and Permanent Foster Care Committees
CW_IM_09_013 (pdf) 07/15/09
Written notice of disposition on CPS assessments
CW-AR-09-002 (pdf) 07/01/09 Foster Care Rate Redesign
CW_PT_09_004 (pdf) 07/01/09

I-E.5.1 Payment for Family Foster Care, Enhanced Supervision, and Residential Treatment
I-E.4.1 Shelter Care
I-E.3.1 Placement Matching
I-B.1 Monitoring Child Safety
I-B.3.1 Developing and Managing the Case Plan
I-B.1.6 Enhanced Supervision
I-E.5.1.1 Payment ProceduresI-A.5.2  Contested Case Hearings

CW_PT_09_003 (pdf) 07/01/09

I-G.3.1, Adoption Assistance, Temporary

CW_PT_09_002 (pdf) 07/01/09

I-E.5.1.2, Personal Care Services, Temporary

CW_PT_09_001 (pdf) 07/01/09

I-E.3.6.2, Guardianship Assistance, Temporary

CW-AR-09-001 (pdf) 06/17/09 Update on the Department's Rate Redesign
CW_IM_09_012 (pdf) 06/15/09
Bundled Adoption Forms and Tracking System
CW_IM_09_011 (pdf) 06/15/09
Adoption Assistance Application Packet Checklist
CW_IM_09_010 (pdf) 06/15/09

Family Visitation and Contact Procedures

CW_IM_09_009 (pdf) 06/15/09

Use of drug screens in CW cases

CW_IM_09_008 (pdf) 03/31/09

Immediate implementation of the New Federal Relative Guardianship Assistance Program

CW_IM_09_007 (pdf) 03/19/09 Affidavits in Support of Adoption
CW_IM_09_004 (pdf) 02/27/09 International Procedure for Adoption by a Relative in a Foreign Country
CW_IM_09_003 (pdf) 02/19/09 Transferring Jurisdiction to Tribal Court
CW_IM_09_002 (pdf) 02/13/09 New Services to track the physical address of children in Residential Placements
CW_IM_09_001 (pdf) 01/21/09 Adoption Recruitment