Child Welfare

2010 Transmittals

Transmittal # Date Subject
CW_PT_10_009 (pdf) 07/01/10 I-A.3.3 Release of Adoption Home Study
I-E.3.6.3, Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
I-F.6 Sibling Permanency Placement Planning
I-G.1.1 Foster Parent Request for Consideration as a Current Caretaker
I-G.1.2 Identification and Consideration of Potential Adoption Resources
I-G.1.3 Adoption Applications and Standards for Adoption
I-G.1.5 The Adoption Placement Selection
I-G.1.10 Adoption Placement, Supervision, and Support
CW_PT_10_008 (pdf) 07/01/10 I-G.1.14 International Adoption and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Temporary
CW_PT_10_007 (pdf) 07/01/10 I-A.4.5 Rights of Relatives
I-AB.7 Safety Service Providers
I-E.1.1 Search for and Engagement of Relatives
CW_PT_10_006 (pdf) 06/30/10 I-E.3.3.1, Psychotropic Medication Management
CW-AR-10-002 (pdf) 06/15/10 Effective 7-1-2010: New Procedures for Title IV-E Adoption and Guardianship Assistance and new Retention Schedule for Title IV-E Eligibility Files
CW_PT_10_005 (pdf) 06/15/10 I-E.6.1, Title IV-E Foster Care and General Assistance
CW_IM_10_012 (pdf) 05/14/10 IV-E Eligibility and AFDC De-link at Redetermination
CW_PT_10_004 (pdf) 04/15/10 Interstate Compact Compact on the Placement of Children/ Financial and Medical Responsibility of Sending Agency
CW_IM_10_011 (pdf) 04/15/10 Implementation of Relative Rules
CW_IM_10_010 (pdf) 04/15/10 Benchmark Review
CW_PT_10_003 (pdf) 03/15/10 Foster Care Draft
CW_IM_10_009 (pdf) 03/15/10 Criminal Background Checks for Foster and Adoptive Families
CW_IM_10_008 (pdf) 02/12/10 Procedure Manual Revisions
CW_IM_10_007 (pdf) 02/12/10 Mailing Letters to Relatives
CW_IM_10_006 (pdf) 02/12/10 Guardianship Assistance
CW_IM_10_005 (pdf) 02/12/10 New CF85 Form to be used when making a referral for Behavior Rehabilitation Services
CW_PT_10_002 (pdf) 02/12/10 Protective Services
CW_IM_10_004 (pdf) 01/15/10 Tracking Procedure for Developmental Disabled Children in Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) homes.
CW_IM_10_003 (pdf) 01/15/10 Clarification on Adoption by Current Caregivers
CW_IM_10_002 (pdf) 01/15/10 Personal Care Services Referrals
CW_IM_10_001 (pdf) 01/15/10 Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers and Adoptive Parents of Oregon
CW_PT_10_001 (pdf) 01/15/10 I-A.5.2 Contested Case Hearings
I-B.1 Monitoring Child Safety
I-B.1.6 Enhanced Supervision
I-B.3.1 Developing and Monitoring the Case Plan
I-E.3.1 Placement Matching
I-E.4.1 Shelter Care
I-E.5.1 Payment for Family Foster Care, Base Rate, Shelter Care, Enhanced Shelter Care, Level of Care, Chafee Housing, and Independent Living Housing Subsidy
I-E.5.1.2 Personal Care Services
I-G.3.1 Adoption Assistance
I-1.2 Narrative Recording Policy
CW-AR-10-001 (pdf) 01/15/10 Administrative Examination and Drug Testing Authorization (Admin/Other Medical)