Child Welfare

2011 Transmittals

CW_IM_11_015 (pdf) 12/15/11 Title IV-E foster care maintenance payments extended through age 20 for eligible young adults
CW_PT_11_011 (pdf) 12/15/11

II-B.1 Standards for Certification of Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers, and Approval of Potential Adoptive Resources

II-B.1.1 Responsibilities for Certification and Supervision of Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers, and Approval of Potenial Adoptive Resources
CW_PT_11_010 (pdf) 12/15/11

I-E.1.1 Search for and Engagement of Relatives
I-B.1.6 CANS Screening and Enhanced Supervision

I-E.8 Educational Services for a Child in Substitute Care
CW-AR-11-007 (pdf) 11/15/11 Use of Child-Caring Agency Homes for non-BRS placement
CW_PT_11_009 (pdf) 11/15/11

I-A.5.2, Contested Case Hearings

I-E.5.1, Foster Care Payments for a Child or Young Adult Living With a Certified Family or Living Independently

CW_PT_11_008 (pdf) 10/20/11

I-A.6.1, Notice and Review of Founded Dispositions

CW_PT_11_007 (pdf) 10/15/11

I-E.3.6.2 Guardianship Assistance and I-G.3.1 Adoption Assistance

CW_PT_11_006 (pdf) 10/15/11 I-B.2.2.3, Department Responsibilities During Screening and Assessment of a Child Abuse or Neglect Report Involving the Home of a Department Certified Foster Parent or Relative Caregiver
CW_PT_11_005 (pdf) 10/15/11

II-B.1, Standards for Certification of Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers and approval of potential Adoptive Resources and II-B.1.1, Responsibilities for Certification and Supervision of Foster Parents, Relative Caregivers, and approval of potential Adoptive Resources.

CW_IM_11_014 (pdf) 10/14/11 Documentation of Trial Home Visits/Return Home
CW_IM_11_013 (pdf) 10/14/11 Differential Response
CW_IM_11_012 (pdf) 10/14/11 Tools for Recruiting Foster Care Providers
CW_IM_11_011 (pdf) 10/14/11 CIRT Audit Point
CW-AR-11-006 (pdf) 10/03/11 Data Entry Needed for October Federal Report
CW-AR-11-005 (pdf) 10/03/11 Identifying First Respondent Team members to receive Trauma Response Training in November, 2011
CW-AR-11-004 (pdf) 8/15/11 Date Stamp all legal documents – Subpoenas and Summons (i.e., lawsuits, tort claims)
CW-AR-11-003 (pdf) 7/15/11 Adoption Assistance Applications
CW_IM_11_010 (pdf) 7/15/11 Contested Cases for Children in DHS Custody
CW_IM_11_009 (pdf) 7/15/11 Procedure to establish guardianship as a plan and guardianship assistance
CW_IM_11_008 (pdf) 7/15/11 Updates to the Procedure Manual
FS_IM_11_002 (pdf) 07/15/11 Interpretation/translation services
CW-AR-11-002 (pdf) 7/01/11 Relative Foster Care in DD Foster Care
CW_PT_11_004 (pdf) 7/01/11 Title IV-E Foster Care and General Assistance
CW_PT_11_003 (pdf) 7/01/11 Foster Care
CW_PT_11_002 (pdf) 7/01/11 Adoptions
FS_IM_11_001 (pdf) 05/09/11 Out of State Travel
CW_IM_11_007 (pdf) 4/15/11 Fatality Summary
CW_PT_11_001 (pdf) 3/22/11 Adoptions policy change
CW_IM_11_006 (pdf) 03/15/11 Updates to the Procedure Manual and Web Based Training
CW_IM_11_005 (pdf) 03/04/11 Tracking Procedure for Developmental Disabled Children in Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD) homes.
CW-AR-11-001 (pdf) 2/15/11 Documentation, Policy and Practice Clarification
CW_IM_11_004 (pdf) 02/15/11 Title IV-E Eligibility Update due to PL 111-312 Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010
CW_IM_11_003 (pdf) 01/14/11 Oregon State Parks Special Accesss program for DHS certified Foster Parents, Relative Providers, Gaurdians & Adoptive Families
CW_IM_11_002 (pdf) 01/14/11 Adoption Recruitment Services
CW_IM_11_001 (pdf) 01/14/11 Referrals to Developmental Disabilities for Children

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