Child Welfare

2012 Transmittals

CW_IM_12_015 (pdf) 12/21/12 Dual Enrollment
CW_IM_12_014 (pdf) 12/17/12 Provider Payment Post Case Closure (Administrative Re-Open)
CW_IM_12_013 (pdf) 11/15/12 Entering into OR-Kids the Placement of children and young adults who are placed in Developmental Disabilities foster homes, group homes, or other types of DD facilities.
CW_PT_12_005 (pdf) 11/15/12

I-B.1, Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety
I-B.1.6, CANS Screening and Enhanced Supervision
I-B.2.3.1, Family Support Services
I-B.2.3.5, Youth Transitions
I-B.3.1, Developing and Managing the Case Plan
I-B.3.4.2, Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
I-E.3.1, Placement Matching
I-E.3.6.3, Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
I-G.1.10, Supervision and Support of an Adoptive Placement

CW_PT_12_004 (pdf) 09/14/12 I-G.1.10, Supervision and Support of an Adoptive Placement
CW_IM_12_012 (pdf) 9/14/12 Face to Face Contact Report
CW_IM_12_011 (pdf) 9/14/12 Personal Care Services; Psychotropic Medication Review
CW_IM_12_010 (pdf) 9/14/12 Updates to the Procedure Manual
CW_IM_12_009 (pdf) 7/20/12 Upcoming Child Welfare webinars for those who work directly with clients transitioning into CCOs
CW-AR-12-006 (pdf) 7/15/12 Change in definition of 30-day timeline for completion of TANF-EA Eligibility Determinations
CW_PT_12_003 (pdf) 07/15/12 CPS Assessment (Notifications section)
CW_IM_12_008 (pdf) 6/15/12 Criminal history check documentation
CW_IM_12_007 (pdf) 6/15/12 Adoption Recruitment
CW-AR-12-005 (pdf) 6/15/12 Financial Tracking Requirements for certified families paid through ODDS
CW-AR-12-004 (pdf) 6/15/12 Education Records
CW-AR-12-003 (pdf) 6/01/12 Child Support Referrals - *RESENDING FOR CLARIFICATION*
CW-AR-12-002 (pdf) 5/08/12 Child Support Referrals
CW_IM_12_006 (pdf) 4/16/12 New DHS Websites for Foster Parents and Relative Caregivers and for Independent Living Program Services.
CW_IM_12_005 (pdf) 4/16/12 Current adoption selection process forms and related Permanency Committee Form, plus links to forms Directory
CW_IM_12_004 (pdf) 4/16/12 Revised child welfare training requirements for Social Service Specialists (all child welfare caseworkers)
CW_PT_12_002 (pdf) 04/11/12 Notice and Review of CPS Founded Dispositions, I-A.6.1
CW_PT_12_001 (pdf) 03/15/12 CPS Assessment (Notifications section)
CW_IM_12_003 (pdf) 3/02/12 Adoption Assistance
CW_IM_12_002 (pdf) 3/02/12 Guardianship Assistance
CW-AR-12-001 (pdf) 1/13/12 Providing consumer credit reports to teens in care
CW_IM_12_001 (pdf) 2/15/12 Interpretation and Translation Services

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