Child Welfare

2014 Transmittals


Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW_PT_14_011 (pdf) 12/24/14 12/24/14 Oregon Safety Model and Differential Response
CW_IM_14_016 (pdf) 11/14/14 11/14/14 Forms pertaining to guardianship and adoption assistance.
CW_PT_14_010 (pdf) 11/14/14 11/14/14 Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) through the Oregon K Plan
CW_IM_14_015 (pdf) 10/27/14 10/27/14 Chafee Housing Grants and TANF benefits
CW-AR-14-002 (pdf) 10/20/14 10/20/14 Expectations for Litigation Holds and Responding to the DHS Legal Unit and DOJ Concerning Lawsuits, Tort Claims, and Petitions for Judicial Review
CW_PT_14_009 (pdf) 9/15/14 9/15/14

Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) through the Oregon K Plan

This transmittal was replaced. See corrected transmittal number 10 above.

CW_PT_14_008 (pdf) 8/15/14 8/15/14 Search for and Engagement of Relatives
CW_IM_14_014 (pdf) 8/15/14 8/15/14 Memorandum of Understanding between the Consulates of Mexico and the Department of Human Services (DHS)
CW_IM_14_013 (pdf) 7/15/14 7/15/14 Update to Former Foster Care Youth Medical Program Referral Form
CW_IM_14_012 (pdf) 7/15/14 7/15/14 New referral form for Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (BRS)
CW_PT_14_007 (pdf) 7/01/14 7/01/14 Oregon Safety Model (OSM) and Differential Response (DR) Rule and Procedures Update
CW_IM_14_011 (pdf) 6/13/14 6/13/14 Federal Compliance Child Support Unit Workload Assignments
CW-AR-14-001 (pdf) 6/13/14 6/13/14 Education Information in OR-Kids, Person Management
CW_IM_14_010 (pdf) 6/05/14 6/05/14 Children's Benefit Unit relocation
CW_IM_14_009 (pdf) 5/22/14 5/22/14 Use of the Absent Day service for children in BRS contracted placement
CW_IM_14_008 (pdf) 5/22/14 5/22/14 Voluntary Placement Agreements and Voluntary Custody Agreements
CW_PT_14_006 (pdf) 5/22/14 5/22/14 Oregon Safety Model and Differential Response
CW_IM_14_007 (pdf) 5/19/14 5/19/14 Updated DHS 150 Sensitive Issue Report
CW_IM_14_006 (pdf) 5/09/14 5/09/14 Foster Care Ombudsman - Foster Care Hotline and Grievance Process
CW_IM_14_005 (pdf) 4/01/14 4/01/14 Clarification on Certification Dates
CW_IM_14_004 (pdf) 2/18/14 2/15/14 Child Welfare clients access to Employment Related Day Care
CW_IM_14_003 (pdf) 2/18/14 2/14/14 Fee Change Notice
CW_PT_14_005 (pdf) 2/18/14 2/14/14 Clarification for various requirements and processes related to guardianship and adoption assistance
CW_IM_14_001 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Flu Vaccination for children in DHS Custody
CW_IM_14_002 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Independent Adoption Placement Reports
CW_PT_14_001 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Behavior Rehabilitation Services Program
CW_PT_14_002 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Independent Adoption Services
CW_PT_14_003 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Rules and procedure manual changes related to grandparent rights
CW_PT_14_004 (pdf) 1/15/14 1/15/14 Confidentiality of Client Information (I-A.3.2)


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