Child Welfare

2018 Transmittals


Transmittal # Issue Date Due Date Subject
CW-IM-18-013 (pdf) 11/29/2018 11/29/2018 Individual Service Plans (ISP) and Master Service Plans (MSP)
CW-PT-18-027 (pdf) 11/29/2018 11/29/2018 Changes to criteria to assign or close at screening
CW-PT-18-026 (pdf) 11/26/2018 11/26/2018 Changes to Cross Reporting
CW-PT-18-025 (pdf) 11/26/2018 11/26/2018 Implementing expansion of Chafee Education and Training Grant services
CW-PT-18-024 (pdf) 11/05/2018 11/05/2018 Foster Parent Support Funds: Flexible Funding
CW-PT-18-023 (pdf) 11/05/2018 11/05/2018 Foster Parent Support Funds: Respite Care
CW-PT-18-022 (pdf) 10/08/2018 10/08/2018 Strengthening, Preserving and Reunifying Families (SPRF) Rule, SPRF Procedure, In-Home Safety and Reunification Services (ISRS) Procedure and Flexible Funds Procedure
CW-PT-18-021 (pdf) 10/02/2018 10/02/2018 Approval Process for Legal Change of a Minor's Name Outside of the Adoption Process or Change of a Minor's Sex Designation
CW-IM-18-012 (pdf) 09/17/2018 09/17/2018 Procedures and Guidelines for email
CW-IM-18-011 (pdf) 08/30/2018 08/30/2018 Mileage Reimbursement Rate Update
CW-IM-18-010 (pdf) 08/15/2018 08/15/2018 Addendum to a Home Study for consideration of a certified family as a potential guardian
CW-AR-18-003 (pdf) 07/18/2018 07/26/2018 Preparing for OR-Kids Ongoing Safety Plan Page and Form Updates
CW-PT-18-020 (pdf) 07/11/2018 07/11/2018 Educational Services for a Child or Young Adult in Substitute Care
CW-IM-18-009 (pdf) 07/07/2018 07/07/2018 Child Abuse Investigations on School Premises
CW-PT-18-019 (pdf) 06/29/2018 06/29/2018 Substantive changes to child protective services rules
CW-IM-18-008 (pdf) 06/28/2018 06/28/2018 Forms pertaining to Adoption Assistance and Guardianship Assistance
CW-IM-18-007 (pdf) 06/28/2018 06/28/2018 Assessing the home environment
CW-IM-18-006 (pdf) 06/26/2018 06/26/2018 Change to mileage reimbursement process
CW-IM-18-005 (pdf) 05/20/2018 06/20/2018 Entering information in OR-Kids on closed cases
CW-PT-18-018 (pdf) 06/04/2018 06/04/2018 Title IV-E and Certification Tip Sheet

CW-PT-18-017 (pdf)

05/17/2018 05/17/2018 Including OHCA and CAS in Citizen Review Board packets
CW-AR-18-002 (pdf) 05/14/2018 05/14/2018 Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS): Fingerprinting and Background Checks: Transition to Background Check Unit

CW-IM-18-004 (pdf)

05/07/2018 05/07/2018

Youth in Detention - Medical Benefits

CW-PT-18-016 (pdf)

05/7/2018 05/7/2018 DHS Child Welfare Procedure Manual - Chapter 4: Services to Children Section 35: Rights of Children and Youth in Foster Care
CW-AR-18-001 (pdf) 05/03/2018 05/03/2018 Central Office Expunctions Coordinator position

CW-IM-18-003 (pdf)

05/02/2018 05/02/2018 New Visit and Contact Plan Form

CW-PT-18-015 (pdf)

04/26/2018 04/26/2018 Child Welfare Foster Parent/Relative Caregiver Child Care Stipend

CW-PT-18-014 (pdf)

04/26/2018 04/26/2018 Legal Paternity Establishment and Payments to Vital Statistics

CW-PT-18-013 (pdf)

04/26/2018 04/26/2018 Updated Parentage Testing Request and Instructions (5600)

CW-PT-18-012 (pdf)

04/19/2018 04/18/2018 Inter-County Case Responsibilities, Requirements and Oversight procedure

CW-PT-18-011 (pdf)

04/13/2018 04/13/2018 Recruitment, Training, Certification, Retention and Management of Foster Homes, Relative Caregiver Homes and Pre-adoptive Homes

CW-PT-18-010 (pdf)

04/13/2018 04/13/2018 DHS Employee Procedure for Applying and Serving as a Foster Parent, Respite Care Provider, Guardian, Relative Caregiver or Adoptive Resource

CW-PT-18-009 (pdf)

04/13/2018 04/13/2018 Foster Care Agency Rules on Placement of a Child in Care in a Proctor Foster Home

CW-PT-18-008 (pdf)

04/13/2018 04/13/2018 Required Financial Disclosures for Child-caring Agencies

CW-PT-18-007 (pdf)

04/13/2018 04/13/2018 Title IV-E Foster Care, Adoption and Guardianship

CW-PT-18-006 (pdf)

04/05/2018 04/05/2018

Substance Affected Infants

CW-PT-18-005 (pdf)

03/07/2018 03/07/2018

Child-caring agencies (CCA) Licensing: HB 2903 "off-ramp"

CW-IM-18-002 (pdf)

03/06/2018 03/06/2018 Date of Incident – CPS Screening Reports

CW-PT-18-004 (pdf)

(updated 1/25/18)

01/25/2018 01/25/2018

Application of the Sibling Bill of Rights Act

CW-IM-18-001 (pdf)

01/18/2018 01/18/2018 Communication with Office of Child Care
CW-PT-18-003 (pdf) 01/03/2018 01/01/2018 Licensing Child-caring Agencies
CW-PT-18-002 (pdf) 01/03/2018 01/01/2018 Licensing Foster Care Agencies, Annual Review & Approval
CW-PT-18-001 (pdf) 01/03/2018 01/01/2018 Monthly Contact and Monitoring Child and Young Adult Safety


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