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PLEASE NOTE: DMAP policies have moved to the OHA website. Please update your bookmarks or favorites with this change. This page will no longer be available after August 30, 2014.


DMAP Provider Guidelines

Current Oregon Administrative rules and supplemental information

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The following links will take you to the most current rules and supplemental information available for each rule division administered by DMAP. Providers use the rules and supplemental information for billing.

NOTE: Fee-for-service providers need to subscribe to the General Rules and Managed Care Plans need to subscribe to the Oregon Health Plan (MCO and CCO) rules program, in addition to any others chosen.

Medicaid rules program name (division)

Administrative Examinations and Billing Services (division 150)
American Indian/Alaska Native (division 146)
Behavior Rehabilitation Services (division 170)
Client and Community Services Program (division 200)
Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies (division 122)
Dental Services (division 123)
Federally Qualified & Rural Health Centers (division 147)
General Rules (division 120)
Home Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition and IV Services (division 148)
Home Health Services (division 127)
Hospice Services (division 142)
Hospital Services (division 125)
Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive (division 165)
Medical-Surgical Services (division 130)
Medical Transportation Services (division 136)
Oregon Health Plan (MCO and CCO) Program (division 141)
Physical and Occupational Therapy Services (division 131)
Pharmaceutical Services (division 121)
Private Duty Nursing Services (division 132)
Procedural rules (division 001)
School-Based Health Services (division 133)
Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services (division 129)
Targeted Case Management (division 138)
Traditional Health Worker Training Program (division 180)
Transplant Services (division 124)
Visual Services (division 140)

Non-Medicaid rules program name (division)

Law Enforcement Medical Liability Account (division 160)
Rural Medical Practitioners Insurance Subsidy Program (division 500)

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