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Billing information

Information for pharmaceutical manufacturers

Oregon Health Authority pharmacy reimbursement methodology


PLEASE NOTE: DMAP policies have moved to the OHA website. Please update your bookmarks or favorites with this change. This page will no longer be available after August 30, 2014.


Pharmaceutical services program

Clinical information

Oregon Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

The Oregon Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee is responsible for performing drug use review and making drug policy recommendations for DMAP, and publishes the Oregon State Drug Review Newsletter.

Prior authorization information

Preferred Drug List

Preferred Drug List (pdf) - For Oregon's Practitioner-Managed Prescription Drug Program. Also see the Preferred Drug List overview (link).

Epocrates (link) - Download Epocrates Rx to your mobile device or use the Web-based Epocrates Online to view the Preferred Drug List ("Oregon Medicaid - open card") and formulary lists for other payers, including OHP managed care plans.

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