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Oregon Health Authority pharmacy reimbursement methodology

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Pharmaceutical services program

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Medicaid drug rebates

Facts about managed care organization drug rebates (pdf) - Updated 2/4/2011 - Background information, questions and answers about Medicaid Drug Rebate invoicing for managed care prescriptions and physician-administered drug claims.

W-9 form for drug rebate reporting (pdf) - New! 08/25/11 - This does not need to be signed by DMAP.

CMS Rebate List Updates (pdf) - State Medicaid Director Releases of updates to the master pharmaceutical manufacturers' Medicaid Drug Rebate List. You can view all CMS releases and a topical list of state releases on the CMS Web site. DMAP no longer produces a corresponding full rebate list.

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Supplemental drug rebates - See OAR 410-121-0030

To submit supplemental rebate offers for consideration for the Oregon Medicaid Preferred Drug List, register on theĀ Sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) Web site.

For more information, see the CMS letter of approval and model Supplemental Rebate Agreement.


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DMAP provider guidelines

Other resources

Frequently-asked questions about drug pricing and reimbursement (link)

Oregon Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (link) - Information about the board responsible for performing drug use review and making drug policy recommendations for DMAP.

OHP enrollment reports (link) - Includes First of Month reports for FCHPs, DCOs and MHOs by county or eligibility category.

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