Contact DMAP's Rules Coordinator (503-945-6430) to ask about:

Proposed rule status

Submitting public comment

How to read rule revisions

Underscoring - Text is being added.

[Strikethrough] - Text is being deleted.

New Rule or Adopt - Text is a new rule to be adopted.

Rule Rewritten - Because of the number of changes, text additions and deletions are not marked.

Rule Deleted - The entire rule (rule number and text) is being deleted.

Rule Recodified - The all or part of the text has been renumbered/ relettered.

Rule Renumbered - The rule number (i.e., 410-120-1220) has been changed.


DMAP Oregon Administrative Rules

Notices of Proposed Rulemaking and rulemaking hearings

Receive DMAP rulemaking notices and hearings updates by e-mail - Please specify which program(s) you are interested in; otherwise, you will receive updates for all programs.

Before these notices are filed, the following meetings are held to discuss upcoming proposed rule changes. Meeting dates, locations and times are posted on the OHP meetings calendar:

Unless otherwise specified, DMAP holds rulemaking hearings at the Barbara Roberts Human Services Building, 500 Summer St NE, Salem.

Pharmaceutical Services Program

New! OAR 410-121-0040 Prior Authorization Guide - March 27, May 29, 2014 DUR/P&T Action and OAR 410-121-0030 Preferred Drug List March 27, 2014 DUR/P&T Action

REPEAL 410-121-0149 - Medicaid Prescription Drug Assistance for Fully Dual Eligible Medicare Part D Clients

  • Rulemaking Hearing: August 15, 2014, 10:30 a.m., Room 137B
  • Last Opportunity for Public Comment: August 19, 2014, by 5 p.m.

Client and Community Services Medical Program

410-200-0315 - Income Eligibility Guidelines for OCCS Medical Programs

  • Rulemaking Hearing: June 17, 2014, at 10:30 a.m., Room 137B
  • Last opportunity for public comment: June 20, 2014, by 5 p.m.