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Family Services Manual

(Updated with Release 89: Effective April 1, 2018)


  1. Introduction


  2. Case Management
    Introduction to the CAF philosophy of case management, along with examples, and a resource sheet.


  3. Employment & Self-Sufficiency Services
    JOBS, JOBS PLUS, community resources, support services, A&D services, domestic violence, teen parents, job retention.


  4. Assessment Program
    As of October 1, 2007, the Assessment Program was changed to Pre-TANF. Please reference FSM chapter "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Related Programs" and subchapter "Pre-TANF Program" for detailed information.


  5. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Related Programs
    This chapter includes sections on
  6. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) Program


  7. Child Care Assistance
    ERDC, TANF/JOBS, and JOBS Plus eligibility, provider payments, provider eligibility and listing process.

  1. Refugee Program

Medical Assistance Programs

Medical Assistance Programs are no longer included in the Family Services Manual. For information and guidance on responding to medical requests from October 2013 forward see


  1. Noncitizens
    Eligibility and Services for Noncitizens.


  2. Child Support Program
    Client cooperation requires, plus the process of collecting and disbursing support payments.


  3. Counting Client Assets
    Specific types of assets, including self-employment income.


  4. Issuing and Restoring Benefits
    Benefit issuance for all programs, including direct deposit and EBT.


  5. Generic Program Information
    Acronyms, definitions, confidentiality, hearings, overpayments.


  6. Multiple Program Worker Guides
    Procedural or resource information that applies to more than one program area (e.g., the noncitizen/alien status charts).


  7. Prevention Resources
    Prevention Resources are guidelines for CAF staff to provide client support for behaviors conducive to health and quality of life.


  8. Subject Index and Acronyms