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  1. Background and Overview
    1. The Affordable Care Act and MAGI
    2. Due Process
    3. MAGI-Related Transmittals and Forms
  2. New Applications
    1. Overview
    2. Procedure - New Applicant 65 or Older or Under 65 with Medicare - No SSI
    3. Procedure - New Applicant Under 65 - No Medicare or SSI
    4. Procedure - Individual Applies for Services
    5. Procedure - Existing MAGI Clients Visits APD/AAA Office to Apply for Benefits
    6. Procedure - Existing MAGI Client Wants to Apply for General Assistance
  3. Due Process
    1. Important Information About Due Process and the OHP 7210
    2. Procedure - APD Medical Benefit Reduction - No Services
    3. Procedure - Closure of OSIPM/OSIPM and MSP - No Services
    4. Procedure - Closure of OSIPM - Service Client
    5. Procedure - Reduction of OSIPM to QMB/SMB/SMF - Service Client
    6. Procedure - Closure of MSP-Only Case
  4. MAGI Service Cases
    1. Overview
    2. Procedure - MAGI Client is Referred for Services
    3. Procedure - MAGI Service Client Needs MAGI Redetermination
    4. Procedure - MAGI Service Client Dies or Leaves the State
  5. APD Referrals from 5503
    1. Overview
    2. Procedure - Existing MAGI Client Turns 65/Becomes Medicare Eligible/Starts Receiving SSI
    3. ONE Task Procedure - New MAGI Applicant Marks Blind/Disabled or Receives SSDI
    4. ONE Task Procedure - New MAGI Applicant Marks SSI
    5. ONE Task Procedure - New MAGI Applicant Marks Medicare
    6. ONE Task Procedure - New MAGI Applicant is Age 65 or Older
    7. ONE Task Procedure - New MAGI Applicant Marks Need for Services
  6. MAGI Conversion Coding Guide
    1. Overview and Reminders
    2. Coding Instructions
    3. Scenarios
  7. MAGI Hospital Presumptive Information
    1. General Information
    2. Procedure - Hospital Presumptive Recipient Applies for Services
  8. Other MAGI and APD Medical Interactions
    1. Procedure - Existing MSP Client Becomes Pregnant or Becomes a Parent/Caretaker Relative
    2. Procedure - Child Born to OSIPM Mother
    3. Procedure - MAGI Client Reports a Change to APD/AAA

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