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Generic Program Elements

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  1. Privacy of Protected Information
    1. Introduction
    2. Client Consent and Releases of Information
    3. Determining Whether Client Consent is Necessary
    4. Use & Disclosure of Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Client Information Across DHS Programs
    5. Special Considerations for AIDS/HIV
    6. Exchanging Information
    7. Abuse Investigation Reports
    8. Requirement to Report Abuse
    9. Subpoenas
    10. Address Confidentiality Program
    11. Forms and References
  2. Rights and Responsibilities/Nondiscrimination
    1. Rights and Responsibilities
    2. Nondiscrimination

  3. Issuing and Restoring Benefits
    1. Issuing Benefits; General Information
    2. Legal Status of Benefit Payments
    3. Concurrent and Duplicate Program Benefits
    4. Assigning a Payee; Not EBT
    5. Dual Payee; When to Use
    6. Prohibition Against Benefits in Amounts in Less than $10
    7. Immediate Issuance
    8. Method for Delivery of Benefits
    9. Alternate Methods for Delivery of Non-EBT Benefits
    10. Issuance Date of Benefits
    11. Alternatives to Direct Money Payments
    12. Payment of Benefit Out of State
    13. Endorsement of Benefits
    14. Restoring Benefits
    15. Calculating Restored Supplemented Benefits
    16. Benefits for Less Than a Full Month

  1. Decision Notices
    1. Decision Notices
    2. Types of Decision Notices
    3. Notice Period
    4. Notice Situations
  2. Reporting Changes
    1. Change Reporting
    2. Simplified Reporting System
    3. Mass Changes
  1. Reimbursement of cost effective Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP)
  1. Overpayment Recovery
    1. General Information
    2. Establishing and Writing Overpayments
    3. Processing Overpayments
    4. Collecting Client-Liable Overpayments
    5. Referrals to the Investigations Unit
    6. Forms
  1. Personal Injury Liens
    1. Intent
    2. Responsibility for Identifying Personal Injury Settlements
    3. Sources of Information
    4. How Information is Reported; Forms
    5. Penalties
    6. Special Considerations
  2. Hearings
    1. What Hearings Are
    2. Client's Right to a Hearing
    3. Resolving Disputes
    4. How the Local Office Staff Become Involved
    5. Client's Right to Expedited Hearings
    6. How to Complete the Hearing Request Form
    7. Processing the Hearing Request
    8. Link to APD Hearings Site NEW LINK
  1. Quality Control
    1. Intent
    2. Overview
    3. Client Cooperation
    4. Local Action on Cases Selected for QC Review
    5. QC Review Process
    6. QC Relationship with Local Offices
    7. Distribution of QC Findings
    8. Data Analysis
  1. Estate Administration REVISION IN PROGRESS
    1. Definitions
    2. Limits on Estate Claims
    3. Administering Estate Claims
    4. Title to Real and Personal Property
    5. Undue Hardship Waiver Criteria
    6. Establishing Legal Title; Interest or Form of Ownership
    7. Procedures for Applying for Undue Hardship Waiver
    8. Valuation of Life Estate; Reversionary Interest and Property
    9. Burial Expenses
    10. Delivery of Required Notices
    11. Administering Medicaid Estate Claims When the Recipient of Assistance was a Native American Indian or Alaskan Native Village Tribal Member
  1. Trust & Agency Accounts
  2. Public Access to Written Policy
    1. Availability of Written Public Records
    2. Fees for Public Records
    3. Availability of Policies
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. Eligibility for inmates
    2. Sponsored Noncitizens

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