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II-C Special Cash Pay


Special Cash Pay checks are issued for special needs, i.e., items that are not included in the basic standard for each program. Request payment for one-time special needs by completing an Authorization for Cash Payment form (DHS 437 or SDS 437), or a Medical Transportation Screening/Input Document (OMAP 409). Payments are issued by terminal entry using SPL1 or SPL2. The checks are generated from Salem the night of terminal entry and mailed the next day. Revolving fund (local office generated) checks are issued only for emergency situations. If a check will be mailed to a client, the situation is not an emergency, and the check must be issued through terminal entry using SPL1.

Manager or designee must sign these documents authorizing payments.   SPD payments are issued by terminal entry using SPL1.

1. Computer Entry/SPL1

On a blank screen, type “SPL1." Press enter.

  1. Put an “x” by “To issue client payment.”
  2. Type in case # (6 digits only). Press enter.
  3. At the SPL2 screen:Type appropriate security code.
  4. BYPASS: If check is going to address other than client’s, type “A.” If client is in a different branch, type “B.”
  5. GRDN: If check is going to a person other than client, type name here (Last, First). Vendor’s names must have comma and space between words if more than one word. Care Medical would be Care, Medical.
  6. GRDN CODE: Usually leave blank. If check is going to a guardian or is “dual payee,” type an “F.”
  7. OPER ID: Type your first and last initial.
  8. TR CD: A = adding new payment, C = changing payment, D = deleting.
  9. TRANS: Leave blank.
  10. DATE AUTH: Current date, six digits (mm,dd,yy).
  11. TOTAL AMOUNT: Amount of check, needs decimal.
  12. PAY REASON: two digit code from AFS 437; OMAP 409 code is always 35.
  13. SPL PAY: Amount of check. Press F1 here for codes/amount limits.
  14. PAY BEG and PAY END: Dates covered. Must be in current or previous month; won’t allow future dates.

Press enter. “Record successfully added” should appear; if not, an error message will be displayed.

Changes, corrections and deletions can be made after record is “successfully added” the same day by repeating above process. See "h" above for the correct transaction code.

On the SDS 437/OMAP 409, note date entered, your initials. Make a copy of 437/409 to keep with financial transactions, and return original to the worker.

Retain copies of the SDS 437/OMAP 409's. These can be matched up with the report WSP0015X-A – Input to Check Processing that can be found on ViewDirect. The copies or the printouts are retained for one year. If printout retained, recycle copies of 437's and 409's.

OFSET Payment. OFSET payments are used for SNAP clients for support service payments.

Only Self Sufficiency offices may issue OFSET payments. This has been true since May of 2001. See IM 01-055 for more details.

2. Revolving Fund Checks Data Entry

All other methods of payment should be explored prior to issuing a revolving fund check.

The person requesting issuance of the revolving fund check and the person issuing the revolving fund check must not be the same person. Smaller field offices with minimal staff may obtain telephone authorization from their primary field office.

Support Staff have responsibility for the security, storage and accounting of the blank revolving fund check stock. Issuance of revolving fund checks as documented on a signed and authorized AFS 437, OMAP 409, or other DHS approved payment request form.

Completing the Check. Software must be installed locally for issuing checks, with a revolving fund check icon on the computer. Your SDA Business Expert or Line Manager knows where the Software CD is stored should it need to be accessed. Only designated printers can be used for the check stock.

SPL5 Instructions

Here is a list of all the fields on SPL5 with data entry requirements and edits:

Procedure for Same Day Corrections. Staff can review and update a payment entered on SPL5 the same day only. To retrieve the payment record:

To review and correct a payment entered today, enter the check number and press F11. All fields can be updated if needed. If the loadsheet type is changed you may need to enter additional fields if the new loadsheet type requires them. After you have made changes, press F21 to update. If the check number is incorrect, type in the correct check number over top of the incorrect number. You may press F9 or F21 in this situation. Either key will update the record. The incorrect check number will be deleted and the new check number will be added.


3. Process and Security of Issuing Revolving Fund Checks

Checks are issued in a first in-first out (FIFO) sequence. To the extent possible all of a previous shipment should be issued before any of the new supply is used.

4. Using Check Signing Machines - Internal Controls

There are two keys for the machine. One is required to insert the signature plate and one is required to activate the machine.

The signature plate and corresponding key must be stored in a safe or secured area. The machine activation key must be stored in a different secured area. Both individuals will be present whenever the check signing machine is used.

5. Custodian of the Signature Plate

This must be a designated person who controls the signature plate and key and is responsible for maintaining the log of signed checks and accounting for the sequential check numbers in the log. A back-up person will also be designated. This person may be a manager, lead worker or other designated person.

6. Activating the Machine

The person who activates the machine cannot approve expenditures and must have documentation of the authorized expenditure request. This person will typically be the financial clerk with access to the daily check stock. A back-up person will also be designated. All other methods of payment should be explored prior to issuing a revolving fund check.

The check must be folded at the perforation line prior to being inserted into the check signing machine in order for the imprinted signature to appear in the correct authorizing field on the actual check.

For machine repairs contact Terry Fuller in Contracts and Procurement.

7. Record of Designated Persons

Each office that has a check signing machine will keep an updated record of who has access to the signature plate and corresponding key and who can activate the machine with access to that key.

8. Log of Checks Issued, DHS 249A, Check Signer Control Log

Enter the date, check number, number of checks issued and beginning and ending meter totals for checks signed by the check signing machine.

The log should be signed by the check issuer and the plate keeper at the time the check is signed by the machine.

9. Management Review of Logs

Managers will review the logs routinely for check number irregularities, verification of meter recordings and general internal controls. The DHS 249 will continue to be used to record the check stock issued and the running balance of stock on hand. The DHS 249A (revolving fund check Meter Signature Log) will be used to track checks signed by the check signing machine.

10. Ordering & Receiving Check Stock

Each issuance site should order their own supply of revolving fund checks. If a site houses Self Sufficiency and Senior & People with Disability staff, they may elect to share the check stock. The branch number/index code would be changed to identify the branch/case number relationship for the check when issued.

Field offices should order a 3-4 month supply. Order a new supply when the stock on hand is down to a one month supply.

RF Checks are ordered by completing an AFS 289 Request for and Transmittal of Forms Receipt.

a. Ordering Revolving Fund Check Stock

1. Form AFS 289 (Request for and Transmittal of Forms Receipt) is the required form to order and receive Check Stock. Only those individuals identified on an executed AFS 285 form are authorized to order or receive check stock. Instructions follow.

The DHS Office of Forms and Document Management - Distribution Services Center maintains a list of individuals authorized to order revolving fund check stock.

2. AFS 285 - Authorization & Signature Card for Negotiable Documents. A completed AFS 285 lists those individuals authorized to receive and/or order revolving fund checks. Send the completed form to DHS Distribution Services Center (do not send copies). Those individuals authorized to order should not be authorized to receive, and vice versa. In small branches where this separation of duties may not be possible, the SDA must conduct random monthly reviews of the process. These reviews will be conducted by a third party.

The form has two purposes:

b. Receiving Revolving Fund Checks

1. AFS 289 - Request for and Transmittal of Forms Receipt (Also used to order the checks)

2. DHS 249 - Control Log

11. Security

See DHS Policy regarding Check Stock.

The main supply of revolving fund checks must be stored in a locking safe or bar lock file. A daily supply can be logged out to the check issuer on an AFS 0249 and kept in a locking supply cabinet, file cabinet or desk drawer at all times.

Revolving fund checks logged out which remain unused at the end of the day will be logged back in on the AFS 0249.

The daily supply must be kept secure during the day and must not be left unattended.

Physical Inventory

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