X.F Outlook


1.     Recalling an Outlook message

When an email is sent in error, sent to the wrong person or group, or incorrectly sent to all staff, the sender has the option to recall the message. Recalled messages and will disappear out of the recipients inbox in Microsoft Outlook. Please follow these steps:

1.    DO NOT send another email apologizing for sending the email by accident;

2.    Go into the sent items folder and find the email to recall;

3.    Open the email to recalled, locate the More Move Actions button and click Recall this message;

4.    Choose Delete unread copies of this message; consider unchecking the box which says Tell me if recall succeeds of fails for each recipient to avoid multiple notifications.


2.    Adding or changing phone numbers in Outlook

Staff members can add a mobile telephone number or modify their existing telephone number in Microsoft Outlook via the Outlook Web Access (OWA).

1.    Sign into OWA with your current User Name (OR#) and Password: https://mail.dhs.oregon.gov;

2.    Click on the gear symbol in the upper right-hand corner then choose Options;

3.    On the Options page, scroll down and click on Edit information… at the bottom of the page;

4.    On the left side menu, choose contact numbers to update or add a telephone number;

5.    Type your changes in the appropriate fields;

6.    Save the changes before leaving page.

3.    Creating a contact from a received email

Email received from senders outside of the DHS email network may be used to create a new contact in Outlook without retyping.

1.    Right click on the person’s name as it appears in the email you received to open a window;

2.   Click on Add to Outlook Contacts;

3.   Fill in any additional information not already captured in open the contact information dialog box;

4.    Click Save & Close in the upper right corner.

4.   Ignoring all email in a conversation

When included in an email conversation or email thread, erroneously which causes a chain of email, instead of adding to the chain by requesting removal the best practice is to ignore the conversation.

To ignore:

  1. Click any message in the conversation to be ignores;

  2. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Ignore;

  3. Click Ignore Conversation.

Note: If the Don’t show this message again check box in the Ignore Conversation dialog box was previously selected, step 3 will not appear.

To stop ignoring a conversation:

  1. In the Deleted Items folder, click the conversation to be recovered, or any message within that conversation;

  2. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Ignore again (see above);

  3. Click Stop Ignoring Conversation.

The conversation will moved back into the Inbox along with any future messages. Only messages still appearing in the Deleted Items folder may be recovered.

Note: If the Don’t show this message again check box in the Stop Ignoring Conversation dialog box was previously selected, step 3 will not appear.

5. How to use Directory Update to enter your manager's name


Use the Directory Update application to enter the name of your manager into your directory profile information.


Step 1 - Open Directory Update

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser. It is important that you do this in Internet Explorer, not any other browser.

  • Go to  http://DirectoryUpdate to open the DHS/OHA Directory Update Log In page;

  • Enter this information in the Credentials fields:

    • User Name – your OR (or P) number;

    • Password – same as you use on your agency-issued computer or laptop;

  • Click Log In.

Step 2 - Examine your directory information

  •  Your current DHS/OHA Directory information page will open;

    • Use the Help button, top right, if you have questions;

  • Check to make sure the information is correct, and take appropriate action to correct:

    • Most fields on the form are locked and cannot be changed - such as your name, email address, user name (OR or P number), etc. These are greyed out.

To update/change information in these fields, you must submit a DHS/OHA Personnel Action Request form (MSC 0109).

  • You can enter/correct information in the white or blank information fields.

Note: The DHS/OHA staff directory is state property. As such, you are responsible to enter only truthful and accurate personal information, and ensure that the directory is used only for its intended purposes.


Step 3 - Enter your manager's name

  • Click in the Manager field (lower left corner);

  • Enter your manager's LAST NAME first followed by FIRST NAME;

    • A list of similar/same names will auto-populate a drop-down window;

      • Click on the correct name;

      • Make sure the correct name is shown in the field
    • Click on Cancel (lower right) to start over if you make a mistake;
  • You can also fill in the Assistant field, but it is not required;

  • When complete, click Update (lower right).

Step 4 - Close Directory Update

  • If done correctly, a text box will open stating You have successfully updated your information.

    • Click on Log Off (lower right);
  • Close teh DHS/OHA Directory Update application.



Non-Technical - Contact Records Department, DHS and OHA Office of Human Resources, at Records.HR@dhsoha.state.or.us


Using Directory Update - Contact the OIS Service Desk at 503-945-5623 or dhs.servicedesk@state.or.us. The Service Desk is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.