IV.C Community-Based Care (CBC) Provider Payment System


1. Overview

The Community Based Care (CBC) Provider Payment System is a computer-based information system that allows for the issuance of 512s and payments to Adult Foster Providers, Residential Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Adult and Child DD Providers.  Access to the system, or certain screens within the system, is limited to authorized individuals in each local office.


2. Frequently Used Mainframe Screens

Client Screens

      Screens inside the 512:

 WEBM – client informaton

WLGR – client eligibility information

Shows case eligibility information by date lines. Includes case descriptors, program codes, branch and dates of eligibility

UCMS – client case information

SELG -CAPS information

Provider Screens

SPVF – Provider search

PRV8 – Provider information

Payment Screens 

SCFS – Payment status screen

 PESM – Payments to provider

SCLM – Payment history by client


Other Screens

RCIQ – Check records

PUTL - Utilities

HZIP – zip code check

Rate Exception Screens:

3. Entering a New 512

4. 512 Action Types

5. Error Messages When Entering a 512

6. Error Messages When Closing a 512

7. Common 512 Suspend Messages

Click here for a list of common 512 suspend messages

8. Late Payment Requests

When a provider has not been paid for a specific time period they are owed for, and the field is unable to enter a new 512, a Late Payment Request (SDS 0287F) will need to be submitted to SPD, Provider Adjustments, in order for Central Office to enter the payment.


Complete contact information and client/provider information at the top of the form.

Late Pay Begin Date:

Late Pay End Date:

Client Service Contribution Amount:  

Service Amount:

Reason for Late Payment:

Click here for example

9. Overpayment Requests

When a provider has been paid for services, but an incorrect amount was paid out, an Adjustment Request will need to be submitted.

Instructions:  Complete contact information and client/provider information at the top of the form.

Overpayment Begin Date:

Enter the date the overpayment began.  (Month day year)

Overpayment End Date:

Enter the date the overpayment ended.  (Month, day year)

Client Service Contribution Amount:  

Service Amount:

Incorrect Payment:

Correct Payment

Reason for Adjustment:

Click here for example

10. Underpayment Requests

Instructions:  Complete contact information and client/provider information at the top of the form.

Underpayment Begin Date:

Enter the date the underpayment began.  (Month, day year)

Underpayment End Date: 

Enter the date the underpayment ended. (Month, day year)

Client Service Contribution Amount:  

Service Amount:

Incorrect Payment:

 Correct Payment

Reason for Adjustment:

NOTE:  The payment system CANNOT pay for the same month, in same month, twice.

Click Here for Example

11. Adjustment Calculation

Use the following equation to determine what the state owes to a provider any time you submit an adjustment request.


  • Service amount: $1491.00
  • Client Service Contribution: $ 100.00
  • Month of Service: June (30 days)
  • Days client was in the facility: 10

Example: 10/30 = 0.3333

Truncate 4 decimal places and do not round. This is the percentage of time in the month in which client was in the facility.

Percentage in the facility, multiplied by the service amount:

Example: 0.3333 x 1491 = 497.95

Truncate 2 decimal places and do not round. This is the total owed to the provider for services.

Example: 497.95 – 100 = 397.95

This is the amount to be paid by the State.

Things to remember:

12. Earnings Statement vs. 1099's

Providers who live in the home with their clients are paid income which is ‘non-reported’ to the IRS.  They do NOT receive a 1099 for tax purposes.  Residence status can be viewed in PRV8 at the bottom right corner under “Res:”  Y means they are licensed as living in the home with the clients.  For more information on non-reported income, the provider and/or their tax consultant may refer to IRS Publication 525. 
Providers with a residing status of N are licensed as not living in the home with the clients. These providers are paid income which IS reported to the IRS.  They will receive a 1099 to be mailed on or before January 31st of the next year with their taxable income listed; this needs to be filed with their taxes.
Changes to a provider’s residing status need to be made through licensing and you can refer the provider to their licensor.

13. Print Remittance Advices

View Direct Screen:

            1.  Recipient ID: HSbranch #

            2.  Password: Branch #

            3.  Report/topic/queue ID: SJD2450R <enter>

Reports Screen:

            1.  It should be the report with Remittance Advice on top.

            2.  On the line, type an S <enter>

Reports Versions Screen:

    1. Look for the date of the firs remittance advice that you need to print. Ex: 11/17/09. The system reads YYYY/MM/DD.

    2. Type an S on the line to pull it up. If it says “available” under the status, then it will pull right up, but if it says “recall required,” you will have to wait for the system to recall it. Sometimes it is right away, but sometimes it is a few hours.

    3. Once inside the RA you wish to print, on the command line, type F<space>provider#<enter>

      a. If it doesn’t come up and there is an error “string not found,” that means that you are in the wrong date. F3 takes you back out to the previous screen.

    b.If an error comes up "10000 lines searched," you need to press F5 until the correct RA comes up.

    1. To print the report, key F2<enter>.

Printing Menu:

If you need more then one page, you will need to change the number of pages to be printed.

Ex:     from = = > page: 000001
          To = = > page: 000003

Number of pages to be printed: 000001 (default setting).  Increase it to 000003. 

Online Printer ID: enter the name/location of your local printe
<enter> <enter> (must hit enter twice!  Will say “to print” at top)

14. Who to Call for Help

CMS Questions Service Desk 503.945.5623
MMIS Questions Client Maintenance 503.378.4369
CAPS Questions Service Desk 503.945.5623
Provider Questions Payment Support 503.947.1141
512 Questions    
512 Policy Questions Michael Avery 503.945.6410
512 Exceptions AFH- Carol Mauser 503.947.2321
  RCF-Debra Concidine 503.945.6404
DD Payments Kristen Hutton 503.945.6741
APD Payments Kristen Hutton 503.945.6741
Mental Health Veronica Gentle 503.947.5031
Licensing Inquiries    
Adult DD Susan Eggert 503.945.7804
Child DD Beth Shellenbarger 503.945.5676
Adult APD Local Licensing Office  
RCF/ALF Rebecca Mapes 503.945.5839