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V.A United States Mail


Follow US Postal regulations for regular mail. The US Post Office has information brochures on the different types of mailing available such as Express Mail, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, etc. See the United States Postal Service web site for more information on postage fees, rates and information.

See the DAS Publishing and Distribution site on mail services for information.

1. Opening the Mail

Because mail to field offices may contain monies (e.g., cash, checks, money orders), it is suggested that two individuals open the mail.

2. Mail Log

Each field office should establish a mail log to record the receipt of monies received through the mail (See section VI-A-6 for receipt of monies at the front desk). The log should contain at least the following: Date, type of money (e.g., cash/check/money order), check/money order number, amount, name of sender, purpose of payment (e.g., client pay-in, medical reimbursement), and initial of person who entered data in the log.

Each field office should develop a procedure for daily delivery of the mail log and monies to the financial clerk.

Periodic reconciliations of the deposits to the mail log should be made by a designee of the local office manager.

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