XI.A Purchasing

-Procedures for State operated offices-


Several methods exist for purchasing items for state offices, depending upon the item. The main categories are as follows:

Boise Cascade Using SPOTS (VISA). Most general office supplies are purchased via a contract with Boise Cascade. Use the SPOTS (VISA) for these purchases. The (SPOTS) VISA card for Boise Cascade purchases has a limit of $5,000.

SPOTS (VISA). An office may have one SPOTS (VISA) card for all purchases, or one card for Boise Cascade purchases and one for other purchases. If a card is used exclusively for other than Boise Cascade purchases, the limit is $2,500.

Visa. Some state travel expenses may be paid with a Visa card.

1. Boise Cascade Using SPOTS (VISA)

Department of Human Services
SPD Accounting
500 Summer St. NE E08
Salem, OR 97301-1080

2. SPOTS (VISA) Card

SPOTS (VISA) cards are obtained through DHS Contracts and Purchasing. Each field office must obtain a SPOTS (VISA) card for Boise Cascade purchases (see section C. 1. above for information about Boise Cascade purchases). That card may be used for other purchases. Or, field offices may obtain a second SPOTS (VISA) card. Items that CANNOT be charged on the SPOTS (VISA) card include the following:

Items for which the SPOTS (VISA) may be used (in addition to Boise Cascade purchases) include:

Cards are issued to employees in the office. Only the person listed on the card may use the card.

Each office should maintain a log for each SPOTS (VISA) card which includes the user, when it was taken and when returned, the vendor, a description of the purchase, and the cost of the purchase. Attach receipts for the payments, registration forms or any back-up documentation, and monthly statements to the log. Keep a running total to avoid exceeding the monthly limit.

When a statement is received, compare it with the purchases and receipts. If the statement and receipts match, attach the statement to the log and file for three years. Payments will be made by DHS Accounting without any input from the office.

If any discrepancies exist between the SPOTS (VISA) statement and receipts, the office making the purchase should resolve the issue. Report other billing problems (e.g., purchases billed but not made) to Purchasing.

When Contracts and Purchasing issues a SPOTS (VISA) card to an employee, it will provide training to the employee on the use of the card along with a packet containing information on use of the card (including other restrictions not listed here), the log sheets to be used, and an agreement to be signed by all users of the card. See this packet for further information regarding use of the state SPOTS (VISA) card.

3. Visa Card

Visa cards are available to individual staff members to use for state related travel expenses. These cards are issued to individuals with an acceptable credit record. The individual is responsible for payment of any items charged on the card. Approved state expenses will be reimbursed through the Travel Expense Detail Sheet (TEDS) system.

Individuals interested in applying for a Visa card should contact:

Department of Human Services
Financial Management Unit
500 Summer St. NE E08
Salem, OR 97301-1080

4. Equipment Repair

Repair of office equipment may be paid through SPOTS (VISA).

Any repairs of computer equipment should be discussed with the Office of Information Systems before authorizing work. The OIS Help Line should be contacted at (503) 945-5623.

When a TTY (text telephone) needs repair, contact Purchasing. It may have a TTY that can be traded for the malfunctioning one, which will then be sent for repairs.

5. Letterhead

To order letterhead stationery and letterhead envelopes, send a memo and sample of each piece requested to the following:

Department of Human Services
SPD Budget Unit
500 Summer St. NE E01
Salem, OR 97301-1075

The memo should state the amount needed. The minimum amounts are 1,000 for letterhead stationery, and 2,500 (five boxes) for envelopes. Do not write on the sample unless a change is made.

When ordering stationery for the first time (e.g., new office opening), specify in the memo all the information needed on the stationery. These first-time orders may be faxed or e-mailed.

Allow approximately one month for delivery. When delivery is made, write "received" on the packing list along with the date received and initials of individual who placed the order. Send the packing list to SPD Budget Unit at the address above.

6. Business Cards

To create personal business cards, download this PDF template and enter your appropriate information. Print the completed template on a color printer using the correct paper provided by your Administrative Assisant.