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VIII.A Ordering of Forms


Forms are ordered from the DHS Forms Distribution Center in Salem via the terminal. The ordering system has three screens. A general description of each is below, followed by specific instructions for using the ordering screens, including how to order translated forms.

FBLD [F6] screen is a look-up screen only and provides information about ordering and availability of DHS forms (e.g., minimum order, maximum order, amount available). Type the form number and press [Ctrl] . If you do not know the exact form number, enter any number and page up or down until you find it. If the form cannot be found, it is possible that the form cannot be ordered. For questions, call the DHS Distribution Services Center, at (503) 373-1024 ext. 342.

FREQ [F5] screen is used for ordering forms. Enter the form number and the amount needed. Press [Ctrl] to complete order. Up to seven items can be ordered at one time. To check if the order has been placed, press [F4] which will take you to the FBOS screen.

FBOS [F4] screen is used to look up order requested. An asterisk (*) denotes the form is on back order.

Click here to access the forms available via the internet.

See SPD Worker Guide A.2 for information on translations and alternate formats.

1. Using the FBOS System

Login to GCICS

Enter Form prefixes, form numbers, form suffixes(optional field) and quantities for forms you wish to order. The form number is always 4 digits, use leading zeroes for form numbers less than 4, such as the SDS 0539A.

Enter the number of forms you need.

You must order at least the minimum quantity or in multiples of 25 (100, 125, 150,250, etc.)

You may enter 7 forms on this screen.

Press [enter] The titles for the ordered forms will appear and a message will ask you to enter "Y" if these are the forms you wish to order.

If order is correct, enter "Y"and press [enter]. The message "Forms Order Successfully Processed" will appear at the bottom of the screen. You may order up to 7 more forms.

If there is a problem with the order for a form, an error message will appear at the bottom of the screen and the cursor will jump to the problem form. Correct the error in that form and press enter. Continue to correct the order until you see the message asking if this is the order you wish to place(as described above). If the message "Form Number is Inactive" appears on the bottom of the screen, please read the message under the title of the form to find the reason the form is inactive. If the form has been renumbered, instructions about how to order the form will appear here. The message "Form Number Not Found" means the form is not stored at Distribution Center and cannot be ordered on FBOS.

2. FBOS Order System - Nuts & Bolts

The FBOS order system consists of three screens: FBOS, FREQ & FBLD. To order forms, you must start with the FBOS screen. The FBOS screen shows the order history for your branch. This is designed to help eliminate duplicate orders, as you will see all backorders first.

Orders already placed by your branch are arranged in four groups:

Odd Quantities on FBOS . An order for 1 less then the quantity shipped is a convention which tells us to ignore the order, this means that the forms have already been shipped. The FBOS Accounting System is both an order system for branches and an inventory control system for us. The system must know what the actual inventory is in order to generate an order (when the forms are available) or a back order (when there are not enough forms to fill the order). Therefore, whenever a form leaves the inventory, it has to be deducted from the system.

Periodically a branch may run out of a form and they need it right away. They are not in a position to wait for the 3 to 5 days it takes for the order to be processed (including shipping). A procedure has been developed to handle the occasional occurrence of this. The branch calls and distribution services ships the forms needed immediately. This is to insure that the branch is informed of what is going to happen (the form will be shipped). It also means that the branch can be informed if distribution services is unable to ship the form. In order to insure this process works, the branch needs to talk directly to a distribution services staff person. A FAX, SYSM, or voice mail won't work. If unable to reach someone, leave a message.

The conclusion of this process placing the order on FBOS for one less than what is being sent. That makes the deduction from the inventory so that the computer knows what our actual inventory is. That order will be received in 1 or 2 days, but the odd number tells the person pulling that order to ignore it, and that it has already been handled. This order is placed just to take care of the accounting.

A note on backorders: Back orders remain on the system until there are a sufficient amount of forms in the system to cover the backorders. The system then automatically converts it to and order. If the branch places additional orders for that form, they are treated as new orders. Please do not reorder a back ordered form unless you wish to receive more forms than on the one you have already placed. All of the orders will be filled.

If you have any questions about forms or the ordering system, please do not hesitate to call at (503) 373-1024 ext. 342.

3. Ordering Translated Forms on FBOS

FBOS is more than just an order system, it is also an inventory system. The quantities of all forms ordered are automatically deducted from the existing inventory so that orders for forms not in stock are automatically converted to backorders. Backorders are then converted to orders when new stock is received. The translated order system requires a change in the form prefix. The form number and suffix remain the same. The first letter is retained, but the next two letters indicate the language.


The 2 letter designation for each language are the first two letters in the name of that language:

There are approximately 200 forms translated into the above 8 languages. Only about 40 forms are pre-printed, stored and shipped by the Forms Distribution Center. These 40 forms are those that are ordered enough to make it economically feasible. Generally they are Spanish, Romanian, Russian or Vietnamese forms. Most of the translated forms are not printed until after we receive an order. Orders for these forms are combined and printed every two weeks. If you were to place an order at the beginning of the two week period it will take about 4 weeks to receive your forms. But, FBOS will show the forms (the ones on backorder) we are waiting for until we ship those forms. This will allow you to know what you already have on order so you won't over order by reordering something that is still on a backorder status.

These non-stocked forms can be identified by the words "SHIP LATER" on the second line of the description (title). At times, you will receive orders for English forms that will also show some of these "SHIP LATER" translated forms as having been shipped in that order. That is not the case. These forms will be shipped separately at a later date.

Orders for the pre-printed (stocked) forms will be shipped with your regular order. You can identify the forms which are pre-printed by a symbol ("*" or "&") in front of the form title. The two symbols just tell us where the form is stored in the Distribution Center).

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