VIII.H Home Delivered Meals


The Home Delivered Meals Program is funded through Title III of the Older American's Act (OAA), OPI & Title XIX reimbursements, client contributions, fund raising & donations.  It provides in home delivered meals or meals at specified site locations. The Home Delivered Meals Program may be operated by the local SPD or AAA office or may be contracted to local providers (e.g. American Red Cross or Loaves & Fishes).

Adults with disabilities, ages 18 - 59 & people over age 60 who receive Medicaid Waivered services qualify for subsidized meals. People over age 60 who receive OPI also qualify for subsidized meals.  Eligibility and delivery scheduling is determined by the individual's case manager.

All other homebound persons over age 60 are eligible for an OAA meal & should contact their local Home Delivered Meals provider for details.

The SDS 595 (Home Delivered Meals) is the authorizing & referral form used by the case manager to establish a regular delivery system for in-home delivered meals for each client.  This form is on Oregon ACCESS & the DHS Forms server & is used by the authorizing agency (SPD or AAA offices).

Depending upon how the Home Delivered Meals Program is administered locally, the authorizing agency works with the providing agency to prepare the monthly billing (SDS 595).  The SDS 595 is completed monthly for each Medicaid Waivered client & forwarded to:

SPD Provider Payments
P.O. Box 14960
Salem, OR 97309

Home Delivered Meals to OPI clients are coordinated on a local AAA level and are based upon funding allocations for each county. Check with your local AAA.