V. Financial procedures


E. Special cash pay

The special cash pay system is used to issue benefits for special needs not included as standard for each program.

Case workers may request payment for one-time special needs by completing an MSC 437, Authorization of Cash Payment form.

Payments are issued from Salem on the night of terminal entry via the batch process and mailed out the next day.

1.   Requesting, authorizing, and issuing a payment

Three different staff persons request, authorize, and issue special cash payments to ensure proper separation of duties.

A manager or designee must sign the documents authorizing payments. APD payments are issued by a terminal entry using SPL1.

        Staff requesting a special cash payment must complete the payment request document MSC 437, Authorization of Cash Payment;

        Staff authorizing payments must have delegated signature authority, per a current MSC 286, Delegated Signature Authorization;

o   Note: A special cash payment should not be issued without a completed payment document or if one or both signatures are missing;

        Staff issuing payments must be designated by a DHS 784, APD Individual User Profile to allow the necessary access to issue payments through the special cash pay system;

o   Note: Staff given authority to issue special cash payments, cannot have PSET capability.

2.   Creating an SPL record

For instructions for creating an SPL record, please see Financial FAQs and Field Guide.

Only authorized branch staff may enter information into the special cash pay system to authorize issuance of a check.

SPL draws case name and address information from the CM (Mainframe) record. During the overnight batch processing, an SPL check is issued and information about the payment is sent to the MCR1 file. The SPL record deletes automatically after the check is issued.

        A full list of special cash pays reason codes are located in the Financial FAQs and Field Guide.

        For information about special needs types and eligibility, please see the OSIP program manual, section H. Special Needs.

3.   Computer entry for SPL1 payments

If the consumer does not have an emergency and staff are mailing a check, the check must be issued through a terminal entry using SPL1; local office generated checks may be issued only for emergencies.

        Note: To convert SNAP benefits to cash, a revolving fund check may be issued and mailed. See SNAP. H.2: SNAP Cash-out Project for SSI or seniors

To enter an SPL payment: On a blank screen, type SPL1; press <enter> and follow the directions listed in DHS Computer Guide VII.3.4. Making an SPL payment

Record successfully added should appear on the screen when the action is completed; if not, an error message will display.

        Note: If sending a payment to an address other than the consumerís, the following error message will display: Changes can be made now.

Changes, corrections, and deletions are possible on the same day following successful addition of the record repeating the above process

On the MSC 437, Authorization of Cash Payment, add the date the check was entered and your initials. Make a copy of MSC 437 to keep with the local office financial transactions and return original to the worker.

Retain copies of the MSC 437 for no less than six (6) years. Match copies with the report WSP0015X-A Ė Input to Check Processing on View Direct.

        Note: Copies and the printouts are retained for six (6) years.

4.   SPL5 instructions

        Note: There is no daily security code needed for SPL5. Only staff with access to the Special Pay screens can access SPL5.

To issue checks through SPL5:

1.    Log on to the mainframe;

2.    On a blank screen, type SPL5 and press <enter>;

3.    Enter a load sheet value and press <enter>;

4.    After pressing <enter>, the required fields for the load sheet type will become available.

Complete the following the fields on SPL5:

        Check Issue date: Six (6) digit date of the revolving fund check: mm/dd/yy.

        Check Amount: The amount format is 999.99.

        Check Number: Enter the eight (8) digit revolving fund check number; must begin with 9.

        Program: Enter the CMS program code. For a single-digit program code enter <space> before the digit. For example: Enter program 2 <space>2.

        Case Number: If required, enter the CMS case number for the load sheet type; do not enter the self-check digit.

        Payee Name: If the check is to a third party on behalf of a consumer, enter the actual payee name.

o   For example, if the check is to PGE on behalf of Jane Smith enter PGE as the payee name;

o   Do not use numbers or special characters such as commas, slashes, number sign, or other non-alpha-numeric characters;

o   The first three characters cannot be blank: for example, enter Bi Mart as BIMART.

        Pay Reason: The Help Window lists all valid pay reasons.

        Worker ID Issuing Branch

        Social Sec: Enter the consumerís SSN without dashes.