XIII. Procedures for State Office


A. Purchasing

For purchasing forms, please see the Contract and Purchasing Forms website; scroll down to Purchasing Forms section.

1. Office supplies

Office Depot is the preferred vendor for ordering office supplies and services due to lower overall pricing.

If a required product cannot be obtained through Office Depot, users can check with Staples Advantage.


To set up, change, or cancel an account, please see Office of Contracts and Procurement on the DHS Intranet.

2. SPOTS Visa card

Small Purchase Order Transaction System, or SPOTS, Visa cards are obtained through DHS Contracts and Purchasing. Each field office must obtain a SPOTS card for supply purchases. For information on the SPOTS Visa, please see the DHS intranet SPOTS page.

3. Corporate travel cards

Employees who travel more than two (2) times per year and request a travel advance will can apply for and use a corporate travel card. For more information and to apply, see the DHS Corporate Travel Cards intranet page.

4. Equipment Repair

Discuss any repairs of computer equipment with the Office of Information Systems before authorizing work. Contact the OIS Help Line at (503) 945-5623.

For information on purchasing or servicing office equipment, please see Office Equipment on the DHS intranet webpage.

See XIV.E Telephone Service for information on how to address telephone system issues.

5. Stationary

Letterhead templates can be downloaded from the DHS intranet download page.

Offices have the option to download a template to print business cards at the local office or they may order them from through MyOrderDesk.

B. Disposing of office equipment

Unless an agency is specifically excluded in ORS 279A, State Agencies shall dispose of surplus property though the DAS Surplus Property Program.

For questions about inventory or assistance in disposing of office equipment, see the Surplus Property website, contact Surplus at (503) 378-6020, or the facilities coordinator in your area.

Note: Surplus reserves the right to combine or disassemble agency-identified lots. If an agency has questions or concerns about surplus management, they are encouraged to contact the Surplus Property Manager directly at (503) 378-6057.

Surplus property database:

The State and Federal Surplus Property program maintains a listing of available property located at the Salem surplus warehouse. Please note: The listing is not for public use.

C. Notary Public

  • See the Secretary of the State's web site for notary public qualifications and training information: Notary Public Services.

Managers may assign the duty of notary to employees to ensure coverage during business hours. Notaries are available to notarize documents for customers, employees, and other agencies free of charge.

Fees: When DHS pays the fee for an employee to become a notary, the employee may not charge a fee for their notary services;

  • Employees acting as DHS notaries must complete a waiver of fees form and file it with the Oregon Secretary of State.

Stamps: The State of Oregon will order and purchase the notary stamp for the commission employee, but the stamp belongs to the individual who is responsible for it.

See the DHS Intranet Custom Stamp page to order a notary stamp.

Notary journal: The notary journal purchased by the Department is for use in the office only; if the notary chooses to provide notary services away from the office, they will need to self-purchase a separate notary journal.

  • All DHS notaries must complete the DHS 2122, Notarial Journal Agreement form which is retained in a branch file for less than seven (7) years after the termination of the employee or notary commission;
  • Retain the journal in the branch for seven (7) years after the termination of the employee or the end of the notarial commission.

D. State vehicles

State vehicles can be used for official state business only. This applies to state-owned vehicles and private or rental vehicles while authorized for use on official state business or at state cost and risk.

·        See DHS 050-005, State Vehicle Use/Driving Records for guidelines for state employees.

1. Guidelines

See Oregon Administrative Rule 125-155 for minimum guidelines for drivers using state vehicles. Drivers must be state employees or volunteers registered with the DHS Volunteer Program.

State vehicles leased by APD for field office use are the property of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Please see the DAS Fleet and Parking website for policies, statutes, and administrative rules.

Each vehicle should have:

  • The current Vehicle Rules for State Drivers;
  • DAS Vehicle Use and Access Administrative Rules;
  • DAS Vehicle Operator's Manual.

The Vehicle Operator's Manual includes an overview of Motor Pool procedures, including vehicle maintenance, use of the Voyager fuel credit card, emergency and accident procedures, and use of Motor Pool-issued tire chains.

Accidents or breakdowns

Keep a copy of the Vehicle Rules for State Drivers in each state vehicle during use. The Vehicle Operator's Manual section provides guidance and instruction in the case of an accident or a breakdown.

In any true emergency, call 9-1-1.

After any accident, no matter how minor, stop and investigate. Complete a DHS 2108 and/or a DMV 735-32, depending on the type of incident. Send the DHS 2108 and/or DMV 735-32, along with any other documents, including photos of the vehicle license plate and damage, to DHS Safety and Health, via fax to 503-378-3689, or by email to gayla.l.andresen@state.or.us. Follow the instructions on the DMV 735-32 to determine if the report must be submitted to DMV. Complete the DMV 735-32 must be completed in full regardless of the estimated damage. The form is always submitted to the Motor Pool and DHS Safety and Health.

  • Do not make any statements of responsibility for the accident;
  • Notify the police and/or appropriate authorities if anyone is injured;
  • Obtain information about the other vehicle's registration and insurance;
  • Report any accident immediately to the local supervisor.

Contact the Motor Pool for instructions, if needed. The phone number for the Salem Motor Pool is listed on the first page of the Vehicle Operator's Manual section in the Vehicle Rules for State Drivers.

If the Motor Pool is closed and the work is needed to reach the destination, follow the steps in the Vehicle Operator's Manual. Always report any after-hours emergency service to the Motor Pool the following business day.

For 24-hour non-emergency assistance, contact Fleet Services at 503-881-2451; leave a message if there is no answer. If fleet services does not call back in a reasonable amount of time, contact the number on the back of the Voyager fuel card, 1-800-987-6591; this number can also be used to request help.

2. Permanently assigned vehicles:

Offices should refer to the Fleet and Parking Services website for service and maintenance information.

Local offices are responsible for creating a calendar in Outlook for each vehicle permanently assigned to their office. Staff should reserve vehicles using the Outlook calendar to confirm vehicle availability and maximum use is achieved.

List permanently assigned vehicles in the global address book by city, street name, APD, E plate number, color, and model. For example: Medford – 6th – APD 500800 Blue Impala.

Scheduling a vehicle using the Outlook calendar:

  1. Click New Appointment.
  2. Enter the reason for the appointment in the subject line: Home visit, Vehicle maintenance,Training, etc..
  3. Leave the Location line empty;
  • If a location is entered, that information will conflict with the vehicle information
  • Do not to add any protected information in the body of the appointment.
  1. Enter the Start Date and Time and the End Date and Time.
  2. Click on Scheduling Assistant then Add Attendees to view the Global Address Book.
  3. Choose one of two options:
  • If a personal contact group exists, select Contacts under the staff name and the contact group for the vehicles, then select Resources > OK; or
  • In the Global Address Listlook for the city where the vehicles are located, office name, and description of the vehicle.Select Resources > OK. Example: Medford – 6th – APD 500800 Blue Impala.
  1. The calendar group or individual vehicles will appear under All Attendees. Click the plus (+) sign to see each vehicle in the group.
  • To check availability for all vehicles, highlight all vehicles for Medford - 6th.
  1. Choose an available vehicle during the required time and uncheck all options except the one chosen. When the date, time, and vehicle are selected, click Send;
  • If no vehicles are available, there is an option at the bottom of the screen to change the time or date of the appointment to align with the availability of a vehicle.
  1. An email is sent to the vehicle mailbox in Outlook when the reservation is accepted and an appointment displays on the driver’s calendar.

Changes to local office fleet

Notify APD Field Services, melvena.e.gorman@state.or.us when reassigning vehicles from one office to another. Contact the DHS Service Desk to change the account name in the Outlook address book to the new location and update the name of the vehicle to the new location.

Temporary changes in vehicles, such as receiving a vehicle on loan while an assigned vehicle is serviced, do not need to be reported.

3. Renting a vehicle

The State of Oregon contracts with both Enterprise/National and Hertz car rental companies. Renting a vehicle from Enterprise or Hertz is an option only when state vehicles are not available and use of a personal vehicle is costlier or not available. Rented vehicles fall under the same rules and statutes which apply to state owned vehicles.

See the Fleet and Parking, Reserve a Vehicle website for full details on renting a car.


If the daily rental cost calculator indicates this is the most cost-effective option, rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car or National car rental.


Reservations may also be phoned in. Tell the rental agent that you're using account number XZ46WOR.


If you need direct billing, contact your agency's travel coordinator. If your agency wishes to establish direct billing - or has questions about rates, rules, or services - they may contact Clint Fulcher at 503-612-8133 or 503-913-3188. Email urgent requests to clinton.d.fulcher@ehi.com​.


4. Voyager cards

A Voyager fuel credit card is issued for each state vehicle for the purchase of fuel at all major gasoline stations, the Motor Pool, and for emergency repairs as described in the Vehicle Rules for State Drivers.


Voyager fuel cards the odometer to be entered when fueling.


The account number on each card coincides with the vehicle's license plate; cards are not transferable to another state vehicle. Do not leave the Voyager card inside the vehicle when the vehicle is unoccupied.


Rental vehicles: Voyager cards and PINs distribute to state offices for the sole purpose of purchasing gasoline for Enterprise or National car rentals. Enter the specific PIN for each Voyager card at the gas pump. For security purposes, it is recommended staff key in the number personally rather than giving the PIN to an attendant.

A log must be completed with the scanned fuel receipts scanned and sent to Central Office each month. Retain originals in the local office and for six years.

For questions related to the Voyager card or receipts, please contact Melvena Gorman, melvena.e.gorman@dhsoha.state.or.us.


5. Personal vehicle use

Staff may request mileage reimbursement for using their own vehicle with written approval from their supervisor, see DHS-050-005, State Vehicle Use/Driving Records for guidelines and complete list of qualifications and expectations for state employees.


Form MSC 0823, Authorization to Use Private Vehicle is used to make this request.

E. Telephone service orders

Telecommunications is responsible for the installation, maintenance and service of the telephone systems used by DHS offices. Please see the Telecommunications intranet page for more information.

To order service, a cell or smart phone, or specialty equipment, send an email to the DHS Telecommunications Coordinator; see Ordering Phone Service on the DHS intranet.

F. Flag procedures

All state offices are required to follow the United States Flag Code and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) policy 107-011-106 for flag flying and flag poles.

For questions related to flag purchase or facility requirements, please contact the Oregon Facilities Help Desk: 503-378-3664.

General information: Oregon statute requires state agencies to display state and national flags at all office buildings wholly owned or leased by the state. In a campus of state buildings (such as the Capitol Mall), one set of flags for the campus is adequate.

  • Passage of HB2892 in 2015 requires the National League of Families' POW/MIA flag be flown along with the United States flag and the Oregon State flag upon or near public buildings with existing flagpoles, which accommodate the proper display of three flags simultaneously.
  • Any building newly constructed after May 18, 2015 must include enough infrastructure to properly display all three flags simultaneously during the hours when the United States flag is customarily displayed.
  • Flags are not required for state offices leased in a multi-tenant private office building, but, in general, state offices are encouraged to display the US and State flags, even indoors; see US Flag Code for indoor display guidelines.

Flags are flown at full mast unless ordered by the Governor. To receive flag notifications, the local office may subscribe to Flag half-staff notifications from the Governor by sending an email to: flagnotifications@listsmart.osl.state.or.us.

Time and occasions for display: Flags are flown only from sunrise to sunset on a stationary flagpole. If the flag is flown twenty-four hours a day, it must be properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

Flags are not flown in severe weather except when an all-weather flag is used.

There is no expectation for flags to be flown on days when the offices are closed unless the flag meets the criteria for twenty-four hour and foul weather display.

G. Posters and announcements

Please see poster and announcement requirements for lobbies from Oregon.gov:



  • Offices are required to have the USDA nondiscrimination poster ...and Justice for All prominently displayed in the branch office and all SNAP issuance offices; and
  • The Oregon Secretary of State Register and Vote poster SEL 503P.

Please check the FBOS system for poster and announcement ordering first.  

H. Central Office drop-in cubicle reservations

APD Central Office has designated three (3) cubicles at the Barbara Roberts Human Services Building (HSB) as drop-in work stations for visiting staff. All cubicles are on the first floor.

Each cubicle has a standard workstation set-up, so a laptop is not needed.

Please reserve the drop-in cubicles prior to coming to HSB through the Outlook calendar to avoid double booking and confusion.

To reserve a drop-in cubicle:

  • Open the calendar function and choose New Appointment;

  • Choose Scheduling Assistant;

  • Click on Add Rooms…;

  • Choose a drop-in cubicle from the list below and click OK;

  • Select the date and time;

  • If the cubicle is available, click Appointment;

  • Click Send.

A confirmation email will arrive from the space almost immediately; if the cubicle is not available, a denial email will arrive instead.

Drop-in cubicle locations

The three (3) drop in cubicles may be located in Outlook as

  • Salem – Summer – HSB APD Dropin – Green 4A
  • Salem – Summer – HSB APD Dropin – Green 4B
  • Salem – Summer – HSB APD Dropin – Green 4C

Reminders for drop-in cubicles

  • Please cancel the reservation if plans change.
  • Please do not assume the cubicles are free if no one is sitting in it; check the calendar before using.
  • Do not remove anything from the area.
  • A staff person in HSB can help locate any supplies.