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K-Plan Services

x Rules and Statutes

OAR Chapter 411, Division 035

x Forms

Request for K-Plan Ancillary Services - Form SDS 3406

Chore Services Consent

Contractor Environmental Modification Consent

Consumer Confirmation of Job Completed to Their Satisfaction

Assistive Technology Acceptance of Delivery

Consumer/Landlord/Owner Environmental Modification Consent

K-Plan Provider Enrollment Agreement

x Tools / Provider Information

K-Plan Ancillary Services Provider List (Updated 10/05/2021)

K-Plan Ancillary Services Provider List Filter Instructions

K Plan Ancillary Servies Guidance

K Plan Ancillary Services Process Flow

K Plan Ancillary Services FAQs

Approval Package for OR 16-0008

Assitive Device Resource Guide - For Staff Working with Consumers

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Resource Guide - For Staff Working with Consumers

t Transmittals

Transmittal #

Issue Date


APD-PT-20-098 09/10/20 Policy: Temporary Policy Changes for Exceptions and K-Ancillary Services in Response to Wildfire Emergency
APD-PT-20-003 01/13/20 Policy: K Plan Ancillary Services - Home Repairs
APD-PT-18-047 11/02/18 Policy: K-State Plan Ancillary Services
APD-PT-17-029 08/04/17 Policy: K-State Plan Ancillary Services
Policy: State K Plan & Special needs
Action: K Plan Services
Policy: Ineligibility for K-plan services for individuals with an equity value of their home exceeding $552,000


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