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Homecare Worker

Updated: 12/09/2013

x Oregon Administrative Rules

OAR Chapter 411, Division 031

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DHS 0189 Request for Direct Deposit Homecare Worker Wages (revised)

SDS 7263 Homecare Worker Request to Cancel Direct Deposit


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SPD-AR-12-004 01/20/12 Action: Unemployment Insurance Claim Process for Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-11-050 07/08/11 Info: State of 2009-2011 Homecare Worker Collective Bargaining Agreement
SPD-IM-11-049 07/08/11 Info: Updated Billing Codes for Gloves and Masks for Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-11-027 03/21/11 Info: Updated Billing Codes for Gloves and Masks for Homecare Workers
SPD-AR-10-045 06/02/10 Action: New Live-In Homecare Worker Orientation
SPD-IM-10-017 03/08/10 Info: New Procedure to Issue/Pay Live-In Homecare Worker Paid Time-Off Vouchers
SPD-IM-10-015 03/01/10 Info: Homecare Worker Union Deductions
SPD-PT-10-005 01/28/10 Policy: 2009-2011 Homecare Worker Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Home Care Commission
SPD-AR-10-003 01/19/10 Action: 2010 W-4 Forms for Homecare Workers Claiming Exempt Status on Income Tax Withholding
SPD-IM-10-004 01/13/10 Info: HCW Paid Time Off Yearly Cash-Out
SPD-IM-10-002 01/12/10 Info: W2s/1099s for SPD Providers
SPD-IM-09-091 11/10/09 Info: Netlink: Training on the 2009-2011 Homecare Worker Collective Bargaining Agreement
SPD-IM-09-055 06/26/09 Info: Homecare Workers’ 2007-2009 Collective Bargaining Agreement Extended
SPD-IM-09-048 06/08/09 Info: Homecare Worker Name/TIN Discrepancy
SPD-AR-09-014 05/05/09 Action: Reporting Homecare Worker Terminations to Central Office 
SPD-AR-09-009 04/01/09 Action: Revised I-9 Forms for Homecare Worker Applicants (Corrected)  
SPD-AR-09-003 01/28/09 Action: 2009 W-4 Forms for Homecare Workers Claiming Exempt Status on Income Tax Withholding
SPD-IM-09-008 01/22/09 Info: HCW Paid Time Off Cash Out
SPD-IM-09-001 01/08/09 Info: W2s/1099s for SPD Providers
SPD-IM-08-073 09/26/08 Info: Fall 2008 Training Schedule: HCW Terminations, Independent Choices, CAPS 2 and Case Management
SPD-IM-08-059 08/28/08 Info: Changes in the HCW Application and Registry and Referral System (RRS) 
SPD-AR-08-052 08/11/08 Action: HCW Workers' Compensation Information and Form/Brochure Revisions
SPD-AR-08-051 08/06/08 Action: Revised SDS 0613c - Notice of Termination of Homecare Provider
Enrollment and Number Based on Criminal History
SPD-IM-08-048 07/07/08 Info: Forms Changes to SDS 514, SDS 546SF and SDS 546PC on the DHS Forms Server
SPD-AR-08-045 07/03/08 Action: July 2008 Cost of Living and Pay-in Notices: Homecare Worker Wages, Contracted In-Home Care Agency and Home Delivered Meals
SPD-PT-08-013 06/27/08 Policy: Pilot Program for Emergency Payment of Accrued Paid Leave for Live-In Homecare Workers
SPD-AR-08-018 02/29/08 Action: Retention of Investigation Records Related to Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-08-012 01/31/08 Info: HCW Paid Time Off Cash Out
SPD-AR-08-007 01/29/08 Action: New 2008 W-4 forms for Homecare Workers claiming exempt status on income tax withholding
SPD-IM-08-004 01/04/08 Info: W2s/1099s for SPD Providers
SPD-AR-07-046 11/08/07 Action: Implementation of HCWs 2007-09 CBA: Client Pay-In and Paid Time Off
SPD-PT-07-030 10/31/07 Policy: Enrolling HCWs and the New Registry and Referral System.
SPD-PT-07-029 10/30/07 Policy: 2007-09 Homecare Workers Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Home Care Commission
SPD-IM-07-053 08/13/07 Info: Revised SDS 0598 Task List on the DHS Forms Web Page
SPD-IM-07-048 06/29/07 Info: Homecare Worker's Collective Bargaining Agreement Extended
SPD-IM-07-046 06/28/07 Info: Inactive Provider or Unemployed HCW Overpayment Invoices/Billings
SPD-IM-07-043 06/15/07 Info: HCW Termination Report
SPD-IM-07-042 06/14/07 Info: Spousal Pay Program Brochure (publication DHS 9060)
SPD-AR-07-019 05/24/07 Action: New screening and authorization form (SDS 4106) for gloves and masks for the Client-Employed Provider Program
SPD-IM-07-036 05/23/07 Info: New Homecare Worker Forms: Notice of HCW Termination Based on Criminal History (SDS 0613c), HCW Notice of Inactivation of Provider Enrollment (SDS 0613i) and HCW Notice of Denial of Provider Enrollment (0613d)
SPD-PT-07-011 05/09/07 Policy: Spousal Pay Program conversion from a non-waivered service to a waivered service (CORRECTED)
SPD-IM-07-029 04/18/07

Info: Consumer/Employer Training -STEPS

SPD-AR-07-013 03/15/07 Action: Medicaid Service Provider Overpayment Procedures
SPD-AR-07-012 03/15/07 Action: HCW, CEP and CBC Provider Payment Request System
SPD-IM-07-010 02/23/07 Info: Homecare Workers receiving one-time payments associated with health insurance refunds under the collective bargaining agreement
SPD-PT-07-003 02/15/07 Policy: Restricted and Exclusive Enrollment for Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-07-006 02/02/07 Info: New Homecare Worker Procedure Manual on-line and revised Homecare Worker forms and publications
SPD-AR-07-005 01/24/07 Action: New 2007 W-4 forms for Homecare Workers claiming exempt status on income tax withholding
SPD-IM-07-002 01/05/07 Info: W2s/1099s for SPD Providers
SPD-PT-07-002 01/03/07 Policy: Using the SDS 546SF for authorizing Paid Leave for Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-06-097 12/05/06

Info: Changes to HATH/OATH editing to enforce Exclusive/Restricted Provider Restrictions

SPD-PT-06-043 11/13/06 Policy: Service plan hours for consumer advocates participating in statewide commissions and advisory groups
SPD-IM-06-085 10/26/06
Info: Homecare Worker Registry
SPD-PT-06-038 08/29/06 Policy: Homecare Worker gloves and masks - new billing information and review of policy
SPD-AR-06-033 07/28/06 Action: Payment Adjustments for Relief Homecare Workers for Live-in Plans
SPD-PT-06-028 07/06/06 Policy: Homecare Workers' Live-in Paid Leave - Change in Payment Levels 
SPD-PT-06-027 06/28/06 Policy: Cost of Living HCW Wage and Home Delivered Meals Rate Increases that Effect Client Pay-In
SPD-AR-06-030 06/23/06 Action: Homecare Worker Registry
SPD-IM-06-035 04/17/06 Info: Spousal Pay Providers Paid Leave
SPD-PT-06-005 02/03/06 Policy: HCW forms: Client-Employer's Right to Confidentiality, Request to Cancel Direct Deposit. Revised Termination of (HCW) Provider Enrollment and Number
SPD-AR-06-006 01/17/06 Action: New 2006 W-4 forms for Homecare Workers claiming exempt status on income tax withholding
SPD-IM-06-005 01/06/06 Info: W2s/1099s for SPD Providers
SPD-PT-05-038 12/05/05 Policy: 2005-2007 Homecare Workers Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Home Care Commission
SPD-PT-05-035 10/27/05 Policy: HCW bargaining agreement - increase in minimum hours required for live-in 24 hour availability
SPD-PT-05-033 10/11/05 Policy: Homecare Worker Wage Increase and Client Pay-in Notices
SPD-AR-05-067 10/07/05 Action: Homecare Union Benefits Board (HUBB) and Medicare Claims
SPD-PT-05-029 09/08/05 Policy: Homecare Workers and Enrollment for Direct Deposit
SPD-IM-05-064 08/31/05 Info: Homecare Workers Safety Manual
SPD-PT-05-020 07/25/05 Policy: Rule Changes: State Plan Personal Care and Homecare Workers Enrolled in the CEP Program
SPD-PT-05-016 06/17/05 Policy: Homecare Workers: Oregon Department of Revenue Requirements for Processing W-4s
SPD-PT-05-014 06/13/05 Policy: Homecare Workers: Oregon Department of Revenue Requirements for Processing W-4s
SPD-IM-05-034 05/20/05 Info: Homecare Workers: W4 Forms and Second Income Tax Withholding Notice
SPD-PT-05-008 05/10/05 Policy: Income Tax Withholding for Homecare Workers and W-4 Forms
SPD-IM-05-025 04/11/05 Info: HCW Oregon ACCESS User Guide
SPD-PT-05-001 01/07/04 Policy: Paid Leave for Hourly Homecare Workers and Correction to the Homecare Workers' Guide (SDSD 9046A)
SPD-AR-04-059 12/29/04 Action: Oregon Project Independence (OPI) Fee Schedule Revision Based on Wage Increase for Homecare Workers
SPD-IM-04-116 12/23/04 Info: New Homecare Worker Application Forms: Career (DHS 0355) and Exclusive (DHS 0355B) and Training Resources
SPD-IM-04-115 12/23/04 Info: FICA Tax Deductions for Spousal Pay Providers
SPD-IM-04-109 12/07/04 Info: New Screens for Inquiring About SPD and other Medicaid Providers
SPD-IM-04-094 10/26/04 Info: Oregon ACCESS Provider Changes
SPD-PT-04-046 12/23/04 Policy: Homecare Worker Wage Increase and Client Pay-in Notices
SPD-PT-04-040 10/25/04 Policy: Homecare Worker Hearing Rights and Introduction of Forms DHS 0443H and DHS 9003H
SPD-IM-04-085 09/14/04 Info: Introduction of New Screens for HCW Overpayment Recovery
SPD-IM-04-082 09/13/04 Info: The Homecare Workers' Guide (SDS 9046A) - Formerly the Provider Guide
SPD-IM-04-077 08/20/04 Info: Systems Support for HCW Overpayment Recovery
SPD-IM-04-058 07/12/04 Info: I-9 Form Required for (SPD/AAA) Homecare Workers and (MH) Personal Care Attendants
SPD-PT-04-028 06/17/04 Policy: Introducing new In-Home Support Services Rules and new rules for Homecare Workers enrolled in the Client-Employed Provider Program
SPD-PT-04-021 05/10/04 Policy: HCW Workers' Compensation client consent form dropdown selection on Oregon ACCESS
SPD-PT-04-020 05/07/04 Policy: Homecare Benefit Fund Assessment (BFA), FICA and Oregon ACCESS Pay-in Calculation/Worksheet changes
SPD-IM-04-028 03/25/04 Info: Worker's Compensation Brochure Mailing to Homecare Workers
SPD-PT-04-011 03/10/04 Policy: Homecare Workers and Unemployment Insurance Claims
SPD-PT-04-010 03/10/04 Policy: New Homecare Worker forms introduced, supporting the Client - Employed Provider Program
SPD-PT-04-009 03/10/04 Policy: Client-Employed Provider Program
SPD-PT-04-008 03/10/04 Policy: Homecare Worker's Collective Bargaining Agreement Updates
SPD-PT-04-007 03/08/03 Policy: Client Consent Letter for Workers' Compensation Coverage for HCW
SPD-IM-04-015 12/11/03 Info: Homecare Union Benefits Board (HUBB) open enrollment for insurance
SPD-AR-03-046 12/19/03 Action: Homecare Workers' gloves and masks - revised billing procedures
SPD-AR-03-044 12/09/03 Action: Homecare Worker Provider Status Codes for Use On Mainframe Screens
SPD-PT-03-045 12/11/03 Policy: Homecare Workers and Policy on Overtime; OAR revisions
SPD-PT-03-043 11/10/03 Policy: Homecare Workers Bargaining Contract Article 26 - Gloves and Masks
SPD-IM-03-100 10/20/03 Info: Homecare Workers Paid Leave Systems Support
SPD-PT-03-038 10/06/03 Policy: Homecare Workers Administrative Review and Hearing Process for termination of provider enrollment
SPD-PT-03-037 10/06/03 Policy: In-Home Services Program Oregon Administrative Rules Update
SPD-AR-03-029 09/09/03 Action: Homecare Worker Wage Increase, Client Pay-in and Timely Notices
SPD-PT-03-028 08/04/03 Policy: In-Home Services Program/Client-Employed Provider Program
SPD-IM-03-061 07/03/03 Info: Revised Information Memorandum: Homecare Workers' Bargaining Contract
SPD-IM-03-059 06/30/03 Info: Homecare Workers' Bargaining Contract
SPD-IM-03-051 06/18/03 Info: Home Care Worker's Contract
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