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APD-IM-22-100 10/14/22 Info: Homecare Worker Enrollment Application and Agreement and FAQs Regarding Background Checks Are Available in Multiple Languages
APD-IM-22-095 09/29/22 Info: In-Person Orientation Informational Sessions for Staff in Lane, Linn, and Benton Counties Who Work with Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-IM-22-073 08/01/22 Info: Updated Homecare Worker Credential Renewal Letter
APD-AR-22-035 07/15/22 Action: Those that process homecare worker credentials
APD-IM-22-065 07/13/22 Info: Informational Sessions for Local Office Staff: 2021-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement Between SEIU, Local 503 and the Oregon Home Care Commission
APD-IM-22-061 07/06/22 Info: In-Person Orientation Informational Sessions for Staff in Clackamas and Jackson Counties Who Work With Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-IM-22-057 06/29/22 Info: Required Refresher Training Deadline and Next Steps
APD-PT-22-016 05/04/22 Policy: Homecare Worker Terminations: Failure to Complete Core Training
APD-IM-22-036 04/20/22 Info: Provider Time Capture Settlement Agreement
APD-IM-22-035 04/19/22 Info: Required Refresher Training Due Date Extended to June 30, 2022
APD-IM-22-011 02/01/22 Info: Communication to Homecare Workers and Consumers About Refresher Training Deadline
APD-PT-22-004 01/31/22 Policy: New APS Policy APD-APS-060-013: Screening Abuse Regarding HCW’s Provider Time Capture (PTC)
APD-AR-22-001 01/05/22 Action: Homecare Worker Credentials
APD-PT-21-040 12/03/21 Policy: Updated Information: Mandatory Training Requirements and the Homecare Worker Enrollment Process
APD-IM-21-108 12/01/21 Info: Informational Sessions for Staff About Required Training for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-PT-21-034 11/19/21 Policy: Ratification of the 2021-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement Pertaining to HCWs (Updated)
APD-IM-21-097 10/08/21 Info: Frequently Asked Questions: Required Training for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, Personal Care Attendants and Consumers
APD-IM-21-089 09/07/21 Info: Pay Processing Update for the CEP System
APD-IM-21-083 08/17/21 Info: Podcast Announcement – Required Trainings for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-PT-21-027 08/17/21 Policy: Mandatory Training for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-IM-21-075 08/09/21 Info: New Vaccination/Testing Requirement not Applicable to HCWs
APD-AR-21-039 07/16/21 Action: EDMS Update: Scanning HCW and ICP-PSW documents to EDMS
APD-IM-21-039 04/28/21 Info: Homecare Worker and Personal Care Attendant Direct Deposit Delay
APD-IM-21-032 04/09/21 Info: Oregon Home Care Commission’s Registry Changes
APD-PT-21-002 03/16/21 Policy: VDQ Certification Requirement
APD-IM-21-025 03/15/21 Info: OHCC Conditional Certifications
APD-IM-21-024 03/15/21 Info: OregonSaves Benefit for Homecare Workers and Personal Care Attendants
APD-IM-21-022 03/04/21 Info: Carewell SEIU 503 Refresher Training Pilot
APD-PT-21-010 03/02/21 Policy: HCW Transportation for Individuals to Access Vaccines (Updated)
APD-AR-21-010 03/01/21 Action: Homecare Workers Expiration Dates in 2021
APD-IM-21-019 02/26/21 Info: Oregon Home Care Commission’s Registry Changes
APD-IM-21-018 02/26/21 Info: Medical Grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Homecare Workers
APD-IM-21-004 01/19/21 Info: Carewell SEIU 503 Refresher Training Pilot
APD-IM-21-003 01/14/21 Info: COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Flyer Sent to Homecare Workers, Personal Care Attendants, and Individuals Who Receive Medicaid/Oregon Project Independence In-Home Services
APD-IM-20-131 12/09/20 Info: New Worker Training Series for Homecare and Personal Support Workers Now Available Statewide
APD-PT-20-112 11/13/20 Policy: HCW Attendant Care During Individual Hospital Stay
APD-IM-20-120 11/12/20 Info: Mandatory Training: Mass Mailing to Consumers, Common-Law Employers, Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants
APD-AR-20-096 11/05/20 Action: CEP Vouchers Needing a New Authorization Relating to the Wave One Conversion
APD-IM-20-094 08/18/20 Info: Mandatory Training for Homecare and Personal Support Workers – Carewell
SEIU 503 Training Begins Voluntary Pilot
APD-IM-20-088 08/10/20 Info: CEP voucher issuance errors on 8/5
APD-IM-20-087 08/07/20 Info: Extension of Oregon Home Care Commission Certification End Dates Due to COVID-19


Action: Homecare Worker Credentials
APD-PT-20-026 07/14/20 Policy: HCW Orientations Changes in Response to COVID-19
APD-IM-20-071 07/02/20 Info: Carewell SEIU 503 CARES PTO benefit - Expanded Leave Benefit
APD-IM-20-047 05/05/20 Info: Carewell SEIU 503 Training Online Orientation Webinars for Local Office Staff
APD-IM-20-042 04/27/20 Info: Online Homecare and Personal Support Worker Orientation During COVID-
19 Social-Distancing Requirement
APD-IM-20-041 04/24/20 Info: PPE Masks and Gloves for Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, and Personal Care Attendants In Response to COVID-19
APD-IM-20-039 04/16/20 Info: New Online Voucher Tutorial for Homecare Workers
APD-IM-20-038 04/16/20 Info: COVID-19 Hardship PTO for Providers
APD-PT-20-060 04/09/20 Policy: Email Submission of Vouchers
APD-IM-20-033 04/08/20 Info: Temporary Change to Orientation Information in OHCC Registry due to COVID-19
APD-PT-20-041 03/24/20 Policy: Suspected COVID-19 Cases Impacting In-home Consumer and Providers
APD-PT-20-040 03/24/20 Policy: Letter of Agreement Supporting Consumers and Homecare Workers; Mitigating Risks and the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
APD-IM-20-029 03/20/20 Info: Updates to Oregon Home Care Commissions Webpage About COVID-19
APD-IM-20-024 03/06/20 Info: Flu Season and Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention for Homecare and Personal Support Workers
APD-IM-20-020 03/04/20 Info: Gloves and Mask supplies for HCWs in Response to COVID-19
APD-PT-20-017 03/04/20 Policy: Homecare Worker's Payment Process Changes per 2019-2021 CBA
APD-IM-20-007 01/24/20 Info: Homecare Worker CBA for 2019-2021
APD-AR-20-001 01/03/20 Action: Business change for those who process HCW/HSD PSW W-4's
APD-IM-19-085 10/30/19 Info: HCW Payroll Calendar for 10/2019 - 12/2021
APD-IM-19-062 09/13/19 Info: How to fill out an I-9 Form for Homecare Workers
APD-IM-19-022 04/24/19 Info: Expedited Background Checks for Homecare Workers (Updated 05/04/22)
APD-IM-19-005 01/23/19 Info: Vendor Payment for Purchase of Gloves and Masks for Homecare Workers (Updated 10/24/22)
APD-AR-18-066 12/20/18 Action: Homecare Worker Driver's License and Insurance Requirement
APD-PT-18-039 09/19/18 Policy: Homecare Worker Provider Enrollment Standards
APD-PT-18-007 02/22/18 Policy: Homecare Worker Provider Inactivation and Denial Actions
APD-AR-18-012 02/15/18 Action: Requests for Interpreter Services for Direct Communication with HCWs at Local APD/AAA Offices
APD-IM-18-007 01/26/18 Info: In-Home Services - Hourly Cap Enforcement
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