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Independent Choices Program (ICP)

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ICP Employee Provider(s) Information (English) Form APD 0548

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Workers Compensation Consent and Agreement (English) Form APD 0353

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For ICP information, please contact Christine Maciel, ICP Policy Analyst at: Christine.C.Maciel@dhsoha.state.or.us or icp.spd@dhsoha.state.or.us

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APD-IM-21-070 08/02/21 Info: Independent Choices Program (ICP) Training: Module Series Release
APD-AR-21-042 07/29/21 Action: ONE and ICP
APD-AR-21-039 07/16/21 Action: EDMS Update: Scanning HCW and ICP-PSW documents to EDMS
SS-PT-21-011 07/07/21 Policy: Oregon Minimum Wage Increase for 2021 Update
APD-IM-21-053 06/17/21 Info: ONE System Modifications (MRP Payments)
APD-IM-21-052 06/16/21 Info: Employee Providers of ICP Participants
APD-PT-21-002 03/16/21 Policy: VDQ Certification Requirement
APD-IM-21-025 03/15/21 Info: OHCC Conditional Certifications
APD-IM-21-024 03/15/21 Info: OregonSaves Benefit for Homecare Workers and Personal Care Attendants
APD-IM-21-007 01/25/21 Info: Weekly Update for CM Tools Website (ICP SUTA Rate Change) (01/11/21-01/22/21)
APD-IM-21-003 01/14/21 Info:COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Flyer Sent to Homecare Workers, Personal Care Attendants, and Individuals Who Receive Medicaid/Oregon Project Independence In-Home Services
APD-IM-20-136 12/11/20 Info: ICP Participants and Providers Online EVV Trainings Offered by Acumen
APD-IM-20-131 12/09/20 Info:New Worker Training Series for Homecare and Personal Support Workers Now Available Statewide
APD-IM-20-124 11/19/20 Info: URGENT - Changes to Independent Choices and Special Needs Payments when Cases Converted to ONE at Wave 1
APD-IM-20-094 08/18/20 Info: Mandatory Training for Homecare and Personal Support Workers – Carewell
SEIU 503 Training Begins Voluntary Pilot
APD-AR-20-068 07/06/20 Action: Independent Choices Program (ICP) Work to Prepare for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
APD-IM-20-071 07/02/20 Info: Carewell SEIU 503 CARES PTO benefit - Expanded Leave Benefit
APD-AR-20-066 07/01/20 Action: Independent Choices Program (ICP) Benefit Calculation Form Updated Due to Wage Increase Effective 07/01/2020
APD-AR-19-056 12/20/19 Action: Independent Choices Program (ICP) Benefit Calculation Form Updated Due to Wage Increase and Wage Increase and WBF Rate Change for 2020
OPAR-IM-18-002 04/24/18 Info: CMU Client Direct Deposit Procedure Changes
Action: Workers' Compensation Consent and Agreement Form (SDS 0353)
Action:Worker's Compensation Insurance for employee providers in the Independent Choices Program


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