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Oregon Supplemental Income Program


Please review the COVID-19 Response Worker Guide for exceptions to the information below during the current health emeregency.

A. Program Intent and Overview

    1. Program Intent
    2. Program Overview

B. Application

    1. Application Process; Overview
    2. Application Requirements
    3. Date of Request
    4. Time Frames for Completion
    5. Interviews
    6. Authorized Representatives
    7. Verification
    8. Disposition of the Application
    9. Notices
    10. Case Documentation
    11. Step-by-Step

C. Eligibility Groups

    1. Household Group
    2. Filing Group
    3. Financial Group
    4. Need Group
    5. Benefit Group

D. Nonfinancial Requirements

    1. Residency
    2. Citizen/Noncitizen Status
    3. Social Security Number
    4. Assigning and Pursuing Assets
    5. Age Requirements
    6. Basis of Need
    7. Using Administrative Examinations
    8. Medical Documentation
    9. Assumed Eligibility
    10. Specific Requirements
    11. Long-Term Care
    12. Acute Care or Nursing Facility Settings

E. Financial Requirements

    1. Overview of Assets
    2. Income Standards
    3. Use of Income
    4. Determining Adjusted Income and Client Liability
    5. Costs
    6. Medical Costs
    7. Resource Limits
    8. Excluded Resource; Community Spouse Provision
    9. Excluded Resources; EPD
    10. Disqualifying Transfer of Assets
    11. Asset Transfer; Look-Back Period
    12. Determining the Value of Compensation for a Transferred Asset
    13. Calculating the Disqualification
    14. Prospective Eligibility and Budgeting
    15. Use of Rounding When Calculating Countable Income

F. Issuing Benefits and Changes

    1. Overview of Changes
    2. Changes That Must be Reported
    3. Issuing Benefits
    4. Effective Dates
    5. Redetermination
    6. Continuous Eligibility

G. Special Considerations

    1. 1619(b) Status
    2. Disabled Adult Children
    3. Grandfathered Clients
    4. Pickle Amendment Clients
    5. People in an Institution Since 1973
    6. 1972 COLA Clients
    7. Widow/Widowers
    8. Continued eligibility for Clients Under the Age of 18 Who No Longer Meet SSI Disability Criteria - Repealed
    9. Specific Requirements for People in State Psychiatric Institutions and Training Centers

H. Special Needs

    1. Overview
    2. Community Transition Services
    3. Food for Guide Dogs and Special Assistance Animals
    4. Laundry Allowance
    5. Home Repairs
    6. Moving Costs
    7. Property Taxes
    8. Community-Based Care
    9. Restaurant Meals Discontinued
    10. Accommodation Allowance
    11. Special Diet Allowance
    12. Supplemental Communication Allowance
    13. Personal Incidentals and/or Room and Board Allowances
    14. Diversion Services
    15. Prescription Drug Co-pay Coverage
    16. In-home Supplement

Worker Guides

    1. Income Deductions
    2. Resource Computation for Couples with an Institutionalized Spouse
    3. Eligibility Requirements Table
    4. Presumptive Medicaid (OSIPM) Decision Procedures
    5. Understanding Trusts
    6. Deciding to What Extent to Allow the LDS
    7. Disqualifying Transfer of Assets
    8. Allocation and Deeming
    9. Assumed Eligibility under 1619(b) and Protected Eligibility
    10. Long-Term Care Insurance
    11. Employed Persons with Disabilities
    12. Issuing Special Needs Payments for Personal Incidentals and/or Room and Board
    13. General Assistance


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