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SDAs which can be used as resources

Updated 06/05/03

SDA 8:

Rose Gregory, DHS Child Welfare Medford Office
Telephone: (541) 776-6172, ext. 618

email: rose.gregory@state.or.us

Expertise offered: local training suggestions; maximizing technology for reception; HIPAA compliance; safety concerns; the Internet as a resource

SDA 13:

Carol Stockhoff, DHS Child Welfare LaGrande Office
Telephone: (541) 963-8571, ext. 287
email: carol.stockhoff@state.or.us

SDA 15:

Candy Mills, DHS Oregon City Office
Telephone: (503) 657-2118
email: candy.m.mills@state.or.us

Bob Hand, DHS Oregon City Office
Telephone: (503) 657-2152
email: robert.d.hand@state.or.us

Patrick Teague, DHS Milwaukie Office
Telephone: (503) 731-4258, ext. 229
email: patrick.teague@state.or.us

Expertise offered: mentoring; work behavior; strategies

Merry Bracco, DHS Milwaukie Office
Telephone: (503) 731-4242, ext. 228
email: merry.d.bracco@state.or.us

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