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In 2015, the Oregon State Legislature authorized the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) to reinvest $28.8 million in savings generated from a decline in the TANF caseload back into the program. Known as the TANF Reinvestment Project, the effort involves implementing a variety of strategies to achieve five goals for improving results for children and families:

The TANF Reinvestment Project implementation will happen in phases, with the first phase beginning in April 2016 and the second in summer 2016.

Workgroups that include broad representation from local offices, the central office and partners have met since September 2015 to plan the implementation. The workgroups made recommendations for implementation of multiple pieces of policy and practice improvements addressing both the philosophical and technical aspect of the work that accompanies each of the changes. The TANF Reinvestment Steering Committee approved recommendations from each workgroup for the first phase of implementation in February 2016.


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