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SSP Training Unit

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Child Welfare Services

Child Care Services

Child Support Resources

Child Protective Services

Foster Care

Oregon Child Support Division

Oregon Guide to Family Services

Family Services Prevention Programs

The new, rewritten version of the Family Services Manual is available! It can be accessed by clicking here.

To report any discrepancies or functionality issues, please e-mail

The previous version of the FSM will be available for reference until January 1, 2020.

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Domestic Violence




Refugee Unit

Self-Sufficiency Training Unit - Intranet (for Staff & Partners only)

Policy Analyst Resources - Intranet (for Staff and Partners only)

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2018 Standards Guide

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Administrative Services

City/County Lookup

DHS Information Systems Training Guidelines

DMAP 1086 - Temporary Oregon Health ID form

Earned Income Tax Credit form W-5 (EITC)

Eligibility Transformation and ONE System Resources

Kelley Blue Book


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OHP 2014/Affordable Care Act

OHP non-eligibility updates

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Oregon Trail (EBT) Card Replacement Line information

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Self-Sufficiency Client Information Marketing Materials

SSP Reports: BI (Business Intelligence) Center

State of Oregon Jobs Page

Statewide Models - Desk Guides

Viewing and Updated Case Narratives in Oregon Access- User Guide
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Example for SSP Managers to complete SSP IUP783 authorization request for OR-ACCESS

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