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Procedure Title: Check Stock Management 
Procedure Number: DHS-040-001-01
Effective Date:

Approved By: DHS Chief Administrative Officer
Approved Date: 02/28/2002

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Responsible Party



(The person entrusted with guarding and keeping records of blank check stock)

Record all check numbers ordered, received, missing, voided, transferred, or distributed in DHS 0249, Check Stock Control Log form.

Record explanation of missing or voided checks.

Date and initial each action when it occurs.

Store Control Log in a secure location to prevent unauthorized access.

Store blank checks and Control Log separately. Do not store in same location.

Use Transmittal form to document the date of transfer, quantity, transport method.

Verify information is accurate and complete when ordering, receiving, recording, storing, and transferring check stock.

Review print order forms.



Continuously review and approve the assigned work of staff.

Perform random independent reviews.

Review to confirm control logs are accurate.

Ensure that discrepancies in ordered and printed check numbers are reviewed and confirmed by at least 2 people.

Ensure that physical access to check stock is limited

Ensure that only authorized personnel have access to check stock.

Ensure that unissued check stock is kept in a locked storage area.


"Other employee"
(not custodian or an employee authorized to issue checks)

Perform physical inventory of blank check stock at least once every 3 months.

Reconcile physical inventory count to the control log.

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